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Sunny Ridell

(Birth name needed). Ridell was born in 1945 in Crystal Springs, Ms. He received the nickname "Sunny" from his grandmother because of his bright and cheery disposition. He began his career as a ten-year-old singing on the street corners of Crystal Springs, Mississippi. He traveled to New Orleans to record at White Cliffs Records, the same label and studio as Little Richard and Fats Domino. He recorded "Come Out Into My World", which was released as a 45 by White Cliff with "Don't Leave Me Baby" as the B Side. After a few years in Chicago Ridell next recorded for Darva records in Austin, Texas, where he recorded "I'm Black and I know I'm Somebody". According to Ridell's bio this song was "banned" from radio in Mississippi and other states, so it was renamed "Soul 100 Part 1 and Part 2". (in 2013 Ridell re-released the song digitally under it's original title)

Sunny has appeared in at least twelve movies in small roles, including "Leadbelly" and "Outlaw Blues".

According to a 2013 Living Blues Magazine feature during the filming of "Outlaw Blues", Sunny had to jump up on top of "ten sacks of fertilizer." Peter Fonda allegedly made Sunny repeat the leap so he could see, then made the comment, "Give him a cape. That man can fly!" A cape was presented to Sunny during filming the next day. Ridell added the cape as a prop in performance.

By the early 90s he was back in Crystal Springs. Ace Records (USA) placed a couple Ridell songs on a compilation entitled "America's Rhythm & Blues Hall Of Fame" ("Come Into My World" & "Keep What Need") in 1992.

He continued to perform but it wasn't until 2001 when the first full album was issued by Sunny Ridell. A self-titled release on Ecko Records. It contained the novelty song, "Hey Osama", a reaction to Osama Bin Laden taking credit for the infamous September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. That same year a second full length appeared on Ridell entitled "Snap, Crackle & Pop" featured the reggae-influence title cut. It was released on a label that went by Three Kids Music.

Other than a 2 song digital-only release in2013 ("I'm Black And I'm Somebody" coupled with "Good Morning Blues") not much has been heard from by Ridell. In the 2013 Living Blues article he was working on a new album at the time but it has yet to surface.

Album Discography

"Sunny Ridell" (Ecko 2001)

1 Hey Osama!
2 Good Morning Blues
3 Talk Dirty To Me
4 I Can't Stand It
5 You Stopped The Water Running
6 Don't Steal My Baby
7 Come Out Into My World
8 For The Love Of A Woman
9 Keep What I Need

"Snap, Crackle & Pop" (Three Kids Music 2001)

1. Big Legged Woman
2. Snap, Crackle, and Pop
3. Don't Leave Me For A Wannabe
4. Bounce That Bootie
5. I Wanna Make Love To You Tonight
6. I'm Just In Love With Ya, Baby
7. I'll Be Your Romeo
8. When Will It Be My Turn?
9. Once A Fool, Not Always
10. I Can't Stand it

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