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Terry Wright


Terry Wright

Album Discography

"Anytime Man" (Hep' Me 2004)

1. Sophisticated Freak
2. Oo Wee
3. Get Mrs. Jodie
4. Your Love
5. Having a Party
6. It's Pleasing Time
7. Anytime Man
8. I'm Whooped
9. Dedicated to You

"How Sweet Is Your Candy" (Mac Wright 2009)

1. On The Backroad
2. Two Women In Love With Your Husband
3. One Way In, One Way Out
4. How Sweet Is Your Candy
5. House Party
6. She Was Playing Too
7. Goody Good Loving
8. Meet Me Tonight
9. Dance The Night Away
10. How Sweet Is Your Candy Remix

"You're Standing In A Good Man's Way" (Coday 2015)

1. Make That Body Rock
2. You're Just Standing In A Good Man's Way
3. I Done Lost My Good Thang
4. I Want Me A Country Girl
5. Tonight Is Your Night
6. This Is For Yu Freaky Ladies
7. She Whooped Me Good
8. Anytime Man (New Version)
9. I'm Missing My Baby
10.Your Love Again


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