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Tina Diamond started her professional career as a background singer for Ronnie Lovejoy who was signed by Avanti as a solo artist in 2000. The resulting album, "In The Heart Of The City", was a success. On it Diamond covered Lovejoy's classic "Sho' Wasn't Me" as "Positive I.D. (It Sho Was You)". The album also included duets with budding stars Reggie P. ("Love On The Line") and Rue Davis ("You're Not My Honey Poo"). A further track from the album, "Casino Woman", became her signature song. Diamond was dubbed the "casino queen" when she was advertized for live gigs.

Diamond released a comeback CD in 2011, "Real Love", featuring J.T. Watkins on the Otis Redding classic "Tramp". Diamond died in 2012 after collapsing on stage.

Album Discography

"In The Heart Of The City" (Avanti 2000)

1 Heart of the City (feat. Ms. Peaches)
2 You're Not My Honey Poo (feat. Rue Davis)
3 Positive I.D. (It Sho Was You)
4 Life on the Line (feat. Reggie P)
5 Somebody Wants You
6 Lady Diva
7 Cleanin' House
8 Let Me Be the One
9 Spend the Night
10 You Don't Have to Hurt
11 Love Me Tonight
12 Don't Play with My Heart
13 Casino Queen

"Real Love" (Bluesman Music 2011)

1 Real Love
2 Tonight Is the Night
3 Real Good Thing
4 Tramp (feat. JT Watkins)
5 I Got a Habit
6 Positive ID
7 Neither One of Us
8 Be Careful What You Ask for
9 Don't Play with My Heart
10 Somebody Wants You
11 Money Long
12 Be Careful What You Ask for (Remix)

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