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Interview with T.K. SOUL


Still buzzing from the terrific news (for T.K. Soul and the Southern Soul genre overall) of his latest CD, "Undisputed (The Album)", reaching #85 on Billboard's Top 100 R & B/Hip Hop Albums and #9 on the magazine's Blues Album charts, not to mention #1 on the official Southern Soul albums chart, TK spoke to Blues Critic about Southern Soul, "T.K. Soul", his love for people and the future.

Short Biography:

Louisiana born Terence Kimble August, aka "T.K. Soul, went from school choir to church choir to playing with local bands before getting his break with a local group called Under 21, which changed it's name to Profyle. Soul was discovered by R & B group H-Town who hired him for keyboards.  Soul worked primarily on the road with he group before doing the same for fellow Southern Soul artist Willie Clayton. Soul even wrote two hits for Clayton ("Wiggle", "Party Like Back In The Day") before starting his own label, Soulful Records. After two Pop/R & B albums Soul scored a huge hit album called "Love Games" on the Chitlin' Circuit featuring the hit single "Cheating & Lying". Since then he's positioned himself as one of the stars of the genre. His latest CD, "Undisputed: The Album", is his most successful yet.

The Interview

BC = Blues Critic

TK = T.K. Soul

BC = First I want to say congratulations for cracking the Billboard charts. Not many Southern Soul/Blues artists do so. How does it feel to be on top?

TK = (laughs) Well you know I'm a working artist in progress. Never on top for me. I'm always striving for progress. I really don't know how to answer that (laughs). I don't feel I'm there yet. The Billboard thing I thought was a prank from one of my friends. Somebody left a message and said they were from New York and told me I charted and I played it off like, one of my friends playing a joke on me, you know, "ha ha". So I didn't return the call but then the guy emailed me and that's when I knew it was real. You know my thing is to bring others with me. I want to see this music succeed, to help carry the whole genre.

BC = What do you think of the "Southern Soul" term? Good or bad for the industry?

TK = I think "Southern Soul" is a way to get attention but I know mainstream, once they're ready to accept you they give you a name so I really don't care what they call it. You know the words "Southern Soul" are really used to separate it from "Blues" because anybody who's not into Blues might not pay attention if you just say you're a Blues singer because there's a difference and that way people can call it all "Blues" or "Soul" but can also separate it.

BC = I understand you do an annual "TK Soul Blues Cruise" thing. How'd you start that?

TK = I'm from Louisiana and there's a lot of cool people there in the South and I saw the way others are doing like Tom Joyner so I thought someone from Southern Soul should step up to the plate. With help from my friend we started to do it. From the fan club we had a lot of true fans that came along. I didn't think they'd follow me out on the water but they're true fans, man (laughs). They come through for you.

BC = You used to play with the R & B group H Town? And backed other name acts?

TK = Yeah I played keyboards for them in the 90s and other touring bands. It was a great experience. You know I played keyboards for Willie Clayton and the group Under 21, that changed it's name to Profyle. I didn't step out on my own 'til my last year with Willie and then I started my solo career.

BC = You wrote Willie Clayton's hit "Party Like We Used To". Are there other songs you've written for others?


TK = I actually did "Wiggle", I wrote and produced that whole album, "The Little Giant Of Soul" and also that song "Scandalous" that got a lot of airplay from the same album that had "Party Like We Used To" on it.

BC = Are you really the "Bad Boy Southern Soul" like the title of your second album?

TK = (laughs) Well, you know there was another guy using that title (Reggie P) and I didn't know it at the time. He's a friend. I didn't mean to step on nobody's toes. I'm the nicest guy you wanna meet but I'm the undisputed "bad boy of Southern Soul" when I hit that stage! With a live show second to none in Soul/Blues, Southern Soul. But the title "bad boy of Southern Soul" it was a gimmick. I come on stage in my boxing robe that says "undisputed bad boy of Southern Soul", you know with a girl walking across the stage with little or nothing on (laughs) holding a sign saying "Round 1". You know basically it's just a gimmick I created a long time ago. I learned from the old school guys to have something to make you stand out.

BC = Now your first CD was called "One Woman Man". Now, is that true? Are you a "one woman man"?

TK = Uh, am I? Well as the song says, "I wanna be. If I can find one that satisfies all of me" (laughs). Basically, I'm a one woman man but publicly I still portray the single man you know, it seems to help my following. You know to sell records.

BC = Now on your new CD you have a song called "Love TK Soul" where you describe a woman loving you only for your name, the "TK Soul" persona, but not the real you. Is that a true story?

TK = Yes it is. Several times over as a matter of fact so that was an easy song to write. The song's not about any particular one person but just all of them over the last several years with that type of situation. Of course I didn't use any particular names (laughs). But the song's been in the making for over ten years. I always intended to use it at some point.

BC = The firs single from "Undisputed" had two songs on it, "Party Like Back In The Day" and "It Ain't Cheatin' 'Til You Get Caught". Weren't you worried they'd compete with eachother?

TK = No not really. But actually my former manager (Lee Parker) did that. That way we'd give the DJs a choice to play whichever one they choose. I was ecstatic that both of them did so well! I reached my goal even if one did at the end of the day.

T.K. Soul "Love Games" (Soulful)

BC = Your last CD, "Love Games", is still selling strong. Is that one of the reasons you delayed the new album?

TK = Yes it was. That and being an independent company your budget is very low. If I had a better budget "Love Games" could've peaked all in one year but it took two years. "Cheating & Lying" was on the chart for a full year!

BC = Do you really love your fans like you sing on the song "#1 Fan"?

TK = Oh yeah. I take pride in being a people person number 1. If I wasn't doing this I'd probably be doing something working with people, teaching music or something. People are number one and that's where I get my inspiration from. In the industry there's a certain role they want you to play or have to play if you're a known artist and so on but I have a problem remembering I'm a known artist so I just hang with the crowd. Some places I can and can't do that. Coming from my background as a friendly person I just wanna mingle with the crowd before I go on stage. But people tell me I gotta be careful.

BC = Now you don't have to answer but it's known you are no longer with your manager Lee Parker. Can you reveal what happened?

TK = Well, basically. You know I love what Lee Parker did for me. We had a good working relationship. But I guess I need someone of the "computer age" you know. The old school thing's okay but I need somebody running just as fast I'm running to get this thing done. A lot of things I'm trying to accomplish now I can do at my pace. I really don't want to get into it all that much. Lee was a great asset but he was hired to be a promotion man but the title "manager" was kinda thrust upon him because there was no one else... but he overstepped his boundaries trying to run my label- (pause), basically I needed to move at a quicker pace that's all.

BC = So is a T.K. Soul show as good live as on record?

TK = Certainly we do the songs the way people know them. I have one of the best bands on the circuit. The talent is there and they have the experience so right now I have the number one thing going. I'm blowing my own horn I know but sooner or late you gotta step up to the plate and say it. It's hard for me to brag on myself though.

BC = So how would you describe the "T.K. Soul" sound?

TK = It's hard and it's easy. I've been writing songs since I was in Jr High and it's funny the type of songs I was writing was the stuff I'm doing now. Back then they really didn't have a title for it. As an artist at first I did a guideline CD with the first album and then moved on to what I really wanted to do, which could be anything. You know I grew up watching everything from "Hee Haw" on TV to Elvis to Michael Jackson to James Brown to Frank Sinatra you name it so my history is wrapped around a lot styles but the "T.K. Soul" thing is really just me doing the music I love.

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