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Toni Green

Toni Green was born in Memphis and began her career as a background singer with both Isaac Hayes, Luther Ingram, Millie Jackson, The Bar-Kays, Dennis Edwards and others. In 1998 she recorded her first LP as a solo artist with Quinton Claunch's Soultrax imprint. "Mixed Emotions" was steeped in the Memphis soul sound and remains her best full length to date.
From there she cut a couple albums for Goodtime Records and one on her own imprint Pegasus in 2006. In 2009 she released a 2-song EP featuring some of the last production work by the legendary Willie Mitchell. Although very well received no full LP has yet emerged.

Album Discography

"Mixed Emotions" (Soultrax 1998)

1. Don't Do Me (If You Can't Do Me Right)
2. Don't Let the Morning Catch You
3. Bare With Me Children (I'm Trying to Get Your Daddy Back)
4. It's Another Woman (Or the Boys Are Funny)
5. Tired of Being Good
6. A White Dress, a Blue Lady
7. Keeping up With the Joneses
8. Stop Playing Me Close
9. My Man Is Putting Me on Hold
10. You've Got the Papers (I've Got the Man)
11. How Do You Want Your Thrill

"Strong Enough" (Goodtime 2002)

1. G-String and a Toothbrush - (Radio Mix)
2. Strong Enough to See You Go
3. No Romance, No Finance
4. Good Lovin' Daddy
5. Stop Playing Me Close
6. Round and Round
7. Still in Love
8. Dangerous
9. Love I Never Had, The
10. G-String and a Toothbrush - (Club Mix)

"Southern Soul Music" (Goodtime 2004)

1. Southern Soul Music
2. Wish I Could Be There
3. I Want It
4. Driftin' Away
5. Cheat Receipt
6. Just Ain't Working Out
7. Walkie Talkie Man
8. Drive Thru Love Affair
9. Single Mothers
10. Ohh Boy
11. Sugar Daddy
12. No Rang, No Thang

"More Love" (Pegasus 2006)

1. I Am Ready
2. Angel
3. More Love
4. Best Woman
5. Hot
6. Free
7. Bou Yow
8. Mr. Wonderful
9. Nothing from Nothing
10. Bop
11. Free Pt. 2

"Undeniable" (EP) (2009)

1. Hold On
2. Every Man Ain't a Bad Man

"Rebirth: Toni Green's Greatest Hits" (Charcole Prod. 2010)

1. Southern Soul Music
2. Just Ain't Workin Out
3. I'm Ready
4. Angel
5. Bop
6. More Love
7. Best Woman
8. Single Mothers
9. Undeniable
10. Free Part II
11. Boy What Have U Done
12. Walkie Talkie Man
13. Hold On
14. Every Man Ain't A Bad Man
15. Just Call Me
16. Cheat Reciept
17. How Can I Sing This Song Without You
18. Don't Do Me If You Can't Do Me Right
19. Don't Let the Morning Catch U
20. Strong Enough
21. Stop Playing
22. Still In Love
23. Love I Never Had
24. Bear With Me Children
25. Tired of Being Good
26. Keeping Up With the Joneses
27. How Do You Want Your Thrill
28. You've Got the Papers
29. G-String
30. No Romance
31. White Dress Blue Lady
32. Long Ride Home
33. We Can Work It Out

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