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Travis "Moonchild" Haddix

Haddix has quietly become one of the most lauded electric bluesmen of our modern era. Without the push of a major label he has nevertheless built up a loyal following the hard way- with terrific music and live shows.

Blues guitarist Travis Haddix was born on November 26, 1938 and began playing the piano at the age of seven in his home town of Walnut, Mississippi, located thirty miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. His father Chalmus was a Delta blues artist similar to Robert Johnson in style. The Haddix family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Travis continued to refine his craft by singing and playing throughout the North. The turning point came when he was eight. His brother Hal took him to see the legendary B.B. King, who came to Memphis and began playing daily at the studios of WDIA. Travis was inspired by King's guitar virtuosity and he hung around the radio station every day to learn all he could. Soon, Travis' piano playing fell by the wayside and was replaced by the guitar, which he plays on stage and in the studio.

In 1959, after serving time in the army, Travis moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he joined the D.L. Rocco Band and achieved regional notoriety that led to a prominent spot with the Little Johnny Taylor group. In the mid-60s he put out a few singles on the Cleveland-based Del Nita label. Later Haddix fronted his own band called the Now Sound followed by the Travis Haddix Band. One of the acts they opened for was Mr. Clarence Carter, who helped get Travis signed to Atlanta's Ichiban Records, which was also Dr. C.C.'s label home. Haddix went on to record five discs for the label before going the independent route. Travis also contributed material to five albums by Artie "Bluesboy" White, who was concurrently on Ichiban. Since starting his own publishing company, Haddix Publishing, and label, Wann Sonn Records, Haddix has been putting out the best music of his career.

From 2008 through present he's allowed labels like Earwig and Benevolent Blues to distribute his albums. His  2009 CD "If I'm One, You're One Too" reached #7 on Living Blues' Top 25 Chart.

Album Discography

traviswrongside.gif"Wrong Side Out" (Ichiban 1988)

1. Caught in the Middle
2. Nobody Wants You When You're Old and Gray
3. Old Time Music
4. Two Heads Are Better Than One
5. Wrong Side Out
6. Time to Take Charge
7. Old Cliche
8. Don't Take Everything Away From Me

***1/2 Very impressive debut for this guitar slinger. Set features the humorous and poignant "Nobody Wants You When You're Old And Grey" and the risqué' funk "Two Heads Are Better Than One". Haddix shows his straight blues chops with two killer slow blues ("Old Cliche" & "Don't Take Nothing From Me") and shows versatility with the pop R & B of "Caught In The Middle". He's a triple threat: writer, guitarist, singer.

"Winners Never Quit" (Ichiban 1991)

1. Homeslice
2. Bag Lady
3. She's Not the Kind of Girl
4. Better Than Nothing
5. Winners Never Quit
6. Something in the Milk Ain't Clean
7. Beggin' Business
8. Abused
9. Someone to Love
10. I'm Mean

***1/2 Polished soul blues set once again shows off his great songwriting. The lovely "Winners Never Quit" needs to be covered by somebody. It's a hit song. Haddix' comical side comes to the fore on "Better Than Nothing" where he overhears his woman say he "ain't Billy Dee but he's better than nothing!" Hee hee. Ouch! The excellent, pure slow blues "Beggin' Business" has already been covered by Michael Burks and Artie "Blues Boy" White. Haddix' brand pop-funk-blues is here via "Something In The Milk Ain't Clean". The opener "Homeslice", which is hard to categorize, glides on a midtempo groove somewhere between funk & R & B.

"What I Know Right Now" (Ichiban 1992)

1. No, No, No
2. Enough Is Enough
3. Getting By With A Lie
4. Jawbreaker
5. Through With Love
6. Strange
7. What I Know Right Now
8. A Big Difference
9. Ugly Rumors

**** Even better is CD number three for Ichiban. Once again we get a knockout contemporary soul song ("Through With Love") that would be a hit for some smooth R & B singer. Haddix complains about a word he heard too often growing up (even from girls-ha ha- but I don't believe it) in that gliding pop/R&B/thing he does with "No No No". In the slow eerie blues "Strange" Travis thinks his woman is "trying to voodoo" him. That "Moonchild" cheeky humor is found in "Jawbreaker" about a candy you can't chew so you have to "suck it", thus giving him an obvious double entendre to play with. We also get Bobby "Blue" Bland-ish blues ("Getting By With A Lie").

"I Got A Sure Thing" (Ichiban 1993)

1. (I Got A) Sure Thing
2. If It Wasn't For Me
3. Penny For Your Thoughts
4. Can't Last Long
5. Day Late and Dollar Short
6. Funny Bone
7. Fool
8. Matter of Time
9. Shit List
10. Caught in the Middle

*** Haddix moves into contemporary R & B/Soul territory on this release. Kicking off with a dynamite version of Ollie & The Nightingales "I Got A Sure Thing", Haddix authors the remaining 9 gems. Travis' gritty singing punctuates the toe-tapping "Sure Thing" and "A Day Late And A Dollar Short", a funky gutbucket blues, features another gutsy vocal. It's clear Haddix wants to show off his strong, distinctive vocals this time out. "Penny For Your Thoughts" continues the tradition of smooth contemporary soul songs that Luther Vandross should cover. Upbeat blues gets represented by "Funny Bone", "S*** List," and "Caught In The Middle" (a reprise from his first disc) , a good rolling blues number featuring a sultry guitar lead.

Img263.jpg "A Big Ole' Goodun'" (Ichiban 1994)

1. Big Ole Goodun'
2. Make Me Say Please
3. Texas Toothpick
4. Little Sister
5. Katlin
6. Bad to Worse
7. My Dessert
8. Don't Take My Word for It
9. You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
10. (She Called Me) Knucklehead

*** The title track ranks as another Haddix classic with the line: "There's only two kind of women I like: A big ole goodun' and a good ole biggun'!" There's some fine slow blues in "Texas Toothpick", a sentimental ode to a sister who made some bad choices ("Little Sister") and a couple sexed-up numbers called "My Dessert" ("I'm gonna have you for my dessert") and "(She Called Me) Knucklehead", which contains his first use of profanity on record.

"Dance To The Blues" (Wann-Sonn 1995)

live cd

1. Dance To The Blues
2. Time To Take Charge
3. Too Many Irons In The Fire
4. Man Of The House
5. Everything Is Everything
6. Looking Haughty
7. Wasting Tears
8. Two Heads Are Better Than One

*** First live release by the "Moonchild" contains many Haddix originals not found on his studio records. "Dance To The Blues" is a funky show opener that is self-explanatory. "Everything Is Everything" is a slow blues in the "Thrill Is Gone" vein. "Time To Take Charge" & "Man Of The House", both excellent slow blues, are about a man wants to "show who's wearing the pants". This latter cut was later done brilliantly by Artie "Blues Boy" White. "Looking Haughty" is a comical number about a certain facial expression only a "man of color" makes (according to Travis). "Wasting Tears" is a gorgeous soul tune that, again, would be a smash for somebody. Eventually somebody's gonna get hip. There's also a funky rendition of his underground hit, "Two Heads Are Better Than One".

travissign.jpg "Signs Of The Times" (Wann-Sonn 1998)

1.Before you laugh
2.You've got another thing coming
3.My wife my woman my girlfriend
4.They call me the moon child
5.signs of the times
6.two of nothing
7.Enough is enough
8.Getting by with a lie.
10.Through with love.

***1/2 First studio release on Wann-Sonn bucks the sterile, over-produced sound that somewhat stymied his Ichiban discs and opts for a live band feel on this ripping blues outing. Highlights are the pounding "Got Another Thing Coming", "Enough Is Enough" & "They Call Me The Moonchild". The album also features a few songs from past releases like "Through With Love", "Jawbreaker", & "Getting By With A Lie". An auspicious way to kick off his label, Wann Sonn.

The Harlem Ramblers (with Travis Haddix) "Knee Deep In The Blues" (Wann Sonn 1999)

1.Someone to love
3.Knee deep in the blues
4.Blues in the air
5.precious lord
6.Don't push it
7.Nobody knows you
8.St. Louis Blues
9.Begging Business
10.Everyday I have the Blues
11.Texas Moaner

"Shootum Up" (Wann-Sonn 1999)

live cd + 1 new studio cut

1. Highway 15 And 72
2. Mustang Sally
3. The Dip
4. Shootum Up
5. Made To Order
6. Knock On Wood
7. Hey, Hey, The Blues Is All Right
8. Second Hand Blues
9. Green Thumb
10.Wood Burning Fireplace

**** Smokin' live set featuring more Haddix songs available nowhere else. The slow, guitar workout "Highway 15 & 72" once again shows how underrated he is as an axeman. "The Dip" is relentlessly funky and "Made To Order" has the best lyrics. Here Haddix tells of his plans of making himself a woman just like the one he's got. "I got my axesaw and some lumber/Gonna be a busy man tonight/Gonna build myself a woman/One that's gonna treat me right". The disc ends with a new studio track ("Wood Burning Fireplace").

"Old & Easy" (Wann-Sonn 2000)

1. Woman With Clout
2. Touch Her Heart
3. Job Close To Home
4. Beggin' Or Not
5. Too Much of A Good Thing
6. Big Surprise, Surprise
7. My Secret
8. I Am Really Through
9. Nasty November
10. Old & Easy

*** Another year another fine Haddix album. 10 more original B.B. King-like blues tunes from the man, such as "Job Close To Home" describing his perfect job where he gets a "6 month vacation twice in a year with pay". Are they hiring?!? Another clever cut is "Nasty November" about a woman who had 12 daughters- named after the months of the year. Ms. "November" almost drives him "mad". The album could have benefited from a better mix of the rhythm section as it's almost drowned out by the guitar, keys and vocal. Then again, the rawness has it's own appeal.

travismilkbread.gif"Milk And Bread" (Wann-Sonn 2001)

1. Problem With That!
2. Milk & Bread
3. Your Finger Prints
4. Why Wait
5. Getting Together Again
6. Do Wrong Right
7. Catch You In The Truth
8. Bread, Butter & Blues
9. Hazeleyes
10. Ode To The Bag Lady
11. Same Old View
12. Count This Up

**** Starting his own label and producing his own music was a creative watershed for the "Moonchild" as he seems to get better with each new release. "Milk & Bread" features more excellent Haddix original blues like "Problem With That", a litany of Haddix' gripes or "pet peeves". On "Catch You In The Truth" he complains that his women tells a lie "when it ain't even necessary and that's something I just don't understand." The manic "Why Wait" urges a speedy trip down the aisle and "Bread, Butter & Blues" contains some colorful autobiographical details. Excellent CD! Finally publications like Living Blues began to get hip to this unheralded blues great.

company.gif "Company Is Coming" (Wann-Sonn 2002)

1. Rough Side Drag
2. Tuesday Morning
3. Grandsons Are Fun
4. We Spell OX
5. My Pet Peeve
6. Bad News Woman
7. Let It Show
8. Darkness Around My Heart
9. The Time Is Now
10. All I Can Do Is Sit And Cry
11. Loneliness
12. Company Is Coming

*****1/2 This is the album where it all comes together perfectly- the songs, the fretwork and the singing that proves he's one of the best living bluesmen. Buy this one first! Every track's top shelf material right from the blues romp "Rough Side Drag" opening the disc. "First Thing Tuesday Morning" is one of his finest blues songs and one that garnered a good chunk of airplay. It was also covered by Artie "Blues Boy" White who even titled his latest album by the song. The title cut is side-splittingly funny. Everytime he catches his woman with another man she claims it's a relative. "All the tall, dark and handsome men seem to be related to you!" and "it took along time to locate your brother Nick/You said he was 8 or 9/He's already 6 foot 6!" On a more serious note is the soulful blues "The Time Is Now" where he calls upon society to come together "right now". The song also features some sax soloing by David Ruffin & TJ Fortunato. 'Company is Coming" is 12 tracks of deep, gutbucket blues n' soul and is Blues Critic's #1 Contemporary Blues CD of 2002.

"American Roots: Blues" (Ichiban 2002)

1. Through With Love
2. Getting by With a Lie
3. Strange
4. Big Difference
5. Ugly Rumors
6. Big Ole Goodun'
7. Texas Toothpick
8. You Can't Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too)
9. Bag Lady
10. Better Than Nothing
11. Beggin' Business

travisshootum.jpg "Blues From Staghorn Street" (Wann-Sonn 2004)

1. Andy's
2. Nice To Be Needed
3. Acute Blues Syndrome
4. Am I Country Enough For You?
5. Cut Off Your Money
6. Blues From Staghorn Street
7. I'm On Top Of It
8. Shatterproof Heart
9. We Need To Talk
10. Rudolph's Girlfriend
11. Christmas 1911
12. Surprise From Santa

*** Another quality platter from the "Moonchild" may not live up to his last two powerhouse discs, but that's merely because those two reached dizzying heights. Plenty of hard-edged, soulful blues music is here. "Acute Blues Syndrome", driving "Cut Off The Money", "Am I Country Enough For You" and the title track resonate. There's also a couple holiday blues tunes, one describing Rudolph (the Red Nosed Reindeer) slacking on the job because he's got a girlfriend. As a guitarist Haddix is reminiscent of the late Son Seals, searing and muscular and the horn section throws mo' grease on the fire.

travidhaddixmud1.jpg"Mud Cakes" (Wann-Sonn 2005)

live cd

1. Dance To The Blues
2. My Secret
3. Job Close To Home
4. Mud Cakes
5. Moonchild Ode To LJT
6. Winners Never Quit
7. My Pet Peeve
8. T-Bone Shuffle
9. My Wife, My Woman, My Girlfriend
10. Acute Blues Syndrome

*** "Ladies and gentlemen, the "Moooooooooonchild!" says the announcer as the Travis Haddix Band cooks up a funky, bass-propelled groove. Then out comes Travis "Moonchild" Haddix noodlin' on his axe to start one mighty fine blues set. The 10 cuts are mostly gems from Haddix' prolific pen. Cleveland's finest already has 12 albums of hard-edged blues, R & B, soul & funk spiked with rapier wit under his belt. Lucky number 13, "Mud Cakes", features material taken from two smokin' shows, one in Osnabruck, Germany and one back home in Ohio. Haddix and the boys kick out shuffles ("Job Close To Home", "Acute Blues Syndrome", "T-Bone Shuffle"), funky blues ("Moonchild Ode To LJT", "My Pet Peeve"), soul ("Winners Never Quit") and grab deep slow blues from the bottom ("My Secret" and "Mud Cakes"). Organist Greg "Silver" Dunning, bassist Greg Nicholson, keyboardist Gil Zachary, drummers Jeremy Sullivan and D'Andre Byrd and horn section (Jeff Hager, David Ruffin, and Gus Hawkins) all get plenty room to flex their chops. Ever the great storyteller, Haddix also gives the folks a funny monologue on "Mud Cakes", one of many highlights here. After squeezing all the electricity out of his guitar, Travis reminisces about making "mud cakes" or "pies" with the girls as a child. You didn't want to do something wrong because: "Some of the girls would make a mud cake and put stones in it to make it pretty...when they hit you with one of those your face would ring for fifteen minutes". This is a heckuva show(s) and it makes me hope for a DVD soon. Haddix has a saying: "I am the best that I can be and since no one else can be me, there's none better!". If you're skeptical about this good-natured boast head on over to and let your ears get hit by some "Mud Cakes".

"Mean Ole Yesterday" (Wann Sonn 2007)

1. Never Make Your Move Too Soon
2. Big Leg Woman
3. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
4. Rock House
5. Mean Ole Yesterday
6. Dick For Dinner
7. Open Book
8. Summer Santa Claus
9. Sugar In My Tank
10. O-h-i-o or Oh-ten

***  Either Travis "Moonchild" Haddix is the Rodney Dangerfield ("I get no respect") of the Blues or our hero just doesn't care about the mainstream circuit. The year is 2007 and Haddix has independently released another strong set of Chicago-styled Blues and R & B that's worthy of wide consumption. Unlike his usual all original sets "Mean Ole Yesterday" splits the hoof with 4 covers and six new cuts.

A relatively poor mix lessens the opener, "Never Make A Move Too Soon", with the vocals somewhat buried, but that's the only misstep here. Covers of "Rock House" & "Big Leg Woman" sizzle with grit and Haddix' band hits a mighty Soul groove on "Turn Back The Hands Of Time". David Ruffin on saxophone, Jeff Hager on trumpet, Greg Nicholson on bass, Gil Zachery on keys and drummer Jeremy Sullivan have been with Cleveland's own Haddix for years and seem to get tighter with each release. In the past Wann Sonn Records releases have lacked bottom but the rhythm section is equalized just fine on this album. Of the the additions to Haddix' canon comes the funky "Dick For Dinner" with prankster lyrics like "I'm having Dick for dinner/That's what my woman says to me/"While I'm having Dick for dinner I don't want your company"...I got a message from my baby it sounded awful crazy sounded awful mean/She said "I'm having male company"/I got bent out of sort!/"His real name is Richard/We call him Dick for short"". Phew. What a relief. Both the title cut and "Open Book" are smoky up-from-the-bottom slow Blues burners with Haddix squeezing blood out his Gibson while the funny "Sugar In My Tank" continues his penchant for self-deprecating humor. "I was wearing my bell bottom pants/My wingtip shoes/Guitar in my hand/Playing the Hell out the Blues/A woman walked up to the stage and whispered something to the band/She said: "I don't know about you but something wrong with that man...he's got a peach in his pocket and got some sugar in his tank!". Naw Travis, the Creator threw a match in your tank my brutha!

  "Daylight At Midnight" (Earwig 2008)

1. Word a Lie
2. Backward Baby
3. Nine Behind
4. Who Could I Be?
5. Daylight at Midnight
6. Way Back in the Country
7. You Kind of Fool
8. What to Do
9. Good Buddy Blues
10. Blues Leftovers

***1/2 You gotta love it when one of your favorite artists puts out an album every single year and one of my faves, Travis Haddix, does just that. "Daylight" is his 17th full length and he's yet to disappoint. Ten original raw blues cuts in vintage B.B. King style. Ever the clever lyricist, Haddix writes to the beat of his own tune. In the title track he hits a town where "strange things are happening soon as you hit that town. You'll see daylight at midnight seems like the sun never goes down". Note to all vampires: Steer clear of this town. On "Backward Baby" Travis seems to confess he truly likes living the Blues: "I'm excited when it's raining/The sun is shining I'm sad/What makes other people happy/Always makes me come on and break my heart in little pieces/Go on and make my day".There's a saying that goes "with friends like these who needs enemies?". That would fit the antagonist on "Good Buddy Blues". He sings: "Friend of mine. My pal. You spend the night and try to hit on my gal. That's one thing I won't let you do/Spend my money and take my woman too."

The lyrics wouldn't matter much if the music didn't match up. Haddix is a triple threat: writer/singer/guitar picker. That back-of-the-throat vocal is instantly recognizable and he seems to improve as a guitarist with each album. Kudos to the band as well, featuring (in addition to various session players) his "Cleveland Band" Greg Nicholson on bass, Gil Zachery on keys, Jeremy Sullivan on drums and the four piece horns (Jeff Hager, David Ruffin, Gus Hawkins and T.J. Fortunado). To quote Travis himself: "I am the best that I can be, and since no one else can be me, there's none better!". So true and the classic Soul ballad "Who Could I Be?" affirms this self esteeming wit: "If I could be anybody else but me, who would I be?". The answer? "I'd rather be me!" Why? Because his woman loves him.

"If I'm One, You're One Too" (Benevolent Blues 2009)

1. Scared Half to Death, Twice
2. Clean Out of Love
3. Dollar's Worth of Gas
4. Little Snack, A

5. Getting Old, the Alternative
6. Can't Get You Back
7. If I'm One, You're One Too
8. Lump in My Throat
9. Hard to Teach, Hard to Learn
10. Don't Get Too Comfortable
11. Who Are You Asking?
12. It's Rooster Again

"A Dozen Times" (Benevolent Blues 2010)

live cd + 2 new studio cuts

1. They Call Me The Moonchild
2. First Thing Tuesday Morning
3. Job Close To Home
4. Caught In The Middle
5. No No No
6. I've Got A Secret
7. If I'm One, You're One Too
8. Winners Never Quit
9. Down Home Blues
10. Scared Half To Death, Twice
11. This Foolishness
12. A Dozen Times

"The Moonchild Live In Cleveland" DVD (Benevolent Blues 2010)

1 Opening Jam
2 First Thing Tuesday Morning
3 Job Close To Home
4 Winners Never Quit
5 Caught In The Middle/No No No
6 Ive Got A Secret
7 If I'm One, You're One Too
8 Can't Get You Back
9 Two Heads Are Better Than One
10 Chestnuts
11 They Call Me The Moonchild
12 Down Home Blues
13 Don't Get Too Comfortable
14 Scared Half To Death, Twice

"The Moonchild Experience (Limited Edition CD + DVD)" (Benevolent Blues 2011)

limited edition 2 DISC version combining "A Dozen Times" CD + "The Moonchild Live In Cleveland' DVD

1. They Call Me The Moonchild
2. First Thing Tuesday Morning
3. Job Close To Home
4. Caught In The Middle
5. No No No
6. I've Got A Secret
7. You're One Too If I'm One
8. Winners Never Quit
9. Down Home Blues
10. Twice Scared Half To Death
11. This Foolishness
12. A Dozen Times

1. Opening Jam
2. First Thing Tuesday Morning
3. Job Close To Home
4. Winners Never Quit
5. Caught In The Middle/No No No
6. Ive Got A Secret
7. You're One Too If I'm One
8. Can't Get You Back
9. Two Heads Are Better Than One
10. Chestnuts
11. They Call Me The Moonchild
12. Down Home Blues
13. Don't Get Too Comfortable
14. Twice Scared Half To Death

"Old Man In Love" (Benevolent Blues 2011)

1. She Hit a Grand Slam
2. Old Man In Love
3. Stankin' Thankin'
4. Cialis Before I See Alice
5. Two Steps From a Lie
6. Break a Habit With a Habit
7. Stiff Stuff
8. Too Narrow
9. Dreamed I Was Dreaming
10. Let Me Owe You One
11. Stop Lying About Your Age
12. Cix Spells Six

"Ring On Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck" (Benevolent Blues 2013)

1. Jodie
2. Doctor Doctor
3. Rope Around My Neck Ring on Her Finger
4. Patience With a Purpose
5. Old Fashioned Justice
6. In Good Shape for the Shape I'm in
7. But Frustrated Full
8. She's Better, She's Best She's Good
9. Two Jobs With a Paper Route
10. Same Way Same Thing

"Love Coupons" (Benevolent Blues 2014)

1 Love Coupons 5:29
2 Too Much Of Everything (But You) 3:58
3 Good Ole Monday 4:57
4 Art To Gettin’ Even 4:12
5 Dinner With The Devil 5:26
6 Boogie Woogie Woman 3:46
7 Boogie With The Boogie Man 5:54
8 Take Me If You Want To 2:54
9 One Half Right 4:44
10 Sweet & Sour Loving 5:41

"It's My Time Now: The Best Of" (Blues Critic)

1. The Dip
2. Two Heads Are Better Than One (new)
3. It's My Time Now (new)
4. Put Your Finger In It (new)
5. Cialis Before I See Alice
6. Don't Get Too Comfortable
7. You've Got Another Thing Coming
8. Bag Lady
9. Good Buddy Blues
10. Doctor Doctor
11. Dick For Dinner
12. Acute Blues Syndrome
13. Company is Coming
14. First Thing Tuesday Morning (Live)
15. Catch You In The Truth
16. Job Close To Home
17. Winners Never Quit
18. Go On From There With Prayer (new)

"Mellow Moonchild" (Wann-Sonn 2016)  

1 50-50 Relationship
2 Mr. Riley B. King
3 If You Know Better
4 Dog Biscuits
5 Penny For Your Thoughts
6 Cut Off Your Money
7 Bad To Worse
8 Everything Is Everything
9 Wasting Tears
10 Through With Love
11 Big Difference
12 Old Cliche

**** Last year the first comprehensive "greatest hits" album was released on longtime Blues veteran Travis "Moonchild" Haddix. We, as Blues Critic Records, released the compilation, entitled "It's My Time Now: The Best Of", which contained 4 new tracks and 14 of the Moonchild's best (18 total tracks). It was maddeningly difficult to create a single disc (80 minutes maximum on a CD) representative of his distinguished career. You see, not only is he a master of B.B. King-like guitar-based electric blues but he's also a creator of gorgeous (Deep) Southern Soul ballads. We only included one on "It's My Time" ("Winners Never Quit") but this new collection, "Mellow Moonchild", rectifies the problem by gathering other key ballads, Blues and 4 new tracks. This makes for the perfect companion to our release (shameless plug alert) or just a great stand-alone album. The noteworthy ballads include "Through With Love" from his third Ichiban Records release "What I Know Right Now", "Penny For Your Thoughts" from "I Got A Sure Thing" and "Wasting Tears" extracted from "Dance To The Blues", a 1995 album released on Haddix's own Wann-Sonn imprint.

As far as the new tracks "50-50 Relationship" is a sprite jump blues with horns, "Mr. Riley B. King", a slow Blues jam in praise of the late King Of The Blues B.B. King, "If You Know Better" benefits from a greasy, funky groove and tight horn fills and the grinding "Dog Biscuits" includes some of that famous Moonchild wit via use of the trusty men as dogs metaphor: "I like my coffee real hot/I like my women big and fat/Nothing but a dog that loves a bone/Most of the times he buries that".

Although this is technically a "best of" type release with some new tracks added it's one of the best overall portraits available from the unheralded genius of the Blues. Whether you have no Haddix in your collection (shame on you!) or have all his albums you will find yourself playing this one more often than nearly all the others. Essential.

"See What I Want To See" (Wann-Sonn 2017)

  "I'm Afraid To Ask" (Wann-Sonn 2019)



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