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Born in the Carolinas, Walt recorded his first single. "You all I Need" in 1984.Two years later he released "Step By Step". Walt began opening shows with R&B artists Glenn Jones, Evelyn Champagne King, Lenny Williams & Harold Melvin & The Blue notes.

He released his first CD in "Don't Go", which eventually earned acclaim. He released three more collections since then, usually combining some of the same tracks with new ones. In 2010 he released "New Millennium Blues" under the name Walt Luv (rather than Love)

Album Discography

"Don't Go" (Walt Love 2000)

1. Don't Go
2. Take My Bitter Like My Sweet
3. Somebody To Call My Own
4. What Can I Do
5. I Had To Change
6. The Cheating Side of Town
7. A Player's Confession
8. Let Him Go
9. Let Me Come Back Home
10. He Loves You

"Take Me Back (To The Old School Party)" (Walt Love 2003)

1. Take Me Back (To the Old School Party)
2. I Had to Change (She Threw a Monkey Wrench in My Game)
3. Lord Knows I Do
4. Mr. Love
5. I Played the Fool
6. I Really Need You
7. I Made Up My Mind
8. If You Don't Somebody Else Will
9. Candy Sweet
10. My Old Lady Left Me for My Girlfriend
11. New Millennium Blues
12. He Loves You

"Mr. Love" (Mr. Tee 2008)

1. Mr. Love
2. Take Me Back (To the Old School Party)
3. Candy Sweet
4. She Threw a Monkey Wrench (Original)
5. I Played the Fool
6. The Rabitt Got Da' Gun
7. New Millennium Blues
8. The Rabitt Got Da' Gun (Remix)
9. He Loves You
10. Steppin Out (Step Song)

"New Millennium Blues" (Monkey Wrench 2010)

1.I Wanna Come Back
2.She Threw a Monkey Wrench in My Game
3.The Rabbitt Got Da-Gun
4.I Can't Winn from Loosing
5.Girl I Really Need You
6.Steppin Out
7.Candy Sweet
8.I Wanna Come Back [Instrumental]
9.Somebody to Call My Own
10.New Milennium Blues
11.I Can't Winn from Loosing [Instrumental]
12.Foot Prints in the Sand


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