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Willie Clayton

Born March 29 1955 in Indianola, MS, Clayton has been recording since 1969. One of the most popular and definitive artists of Modern 'Southern Soul' music (although he doesn't want to be known as a 'Blues" or "Southern Soul" artist). Amazingly, he has only enjoyed steady but modest commercial success since the late 60s. Clayton left Mississippi for Chicago in 1971 but ended up with the legendary Hi Records in Memphis, where he worked with producer Willie Mitchell. Hi issued a series of Clayton singles on its Pawn subsidiary, including "I Must Be Losin' You," "It's Time You Made Up Your Mind," and "Baby You're Ready," but none of them charted.

In 1984 Clayton scored his first regional hits  with "Tell Me" and "What a Way to Put It". Picked up by Polygram, the song "Tell Me" Cracked the national R & B chart (Billboard R & B #74). Later in the decade Clayton recorded some strong material for Ichiban Records before signing with Ace. His third for Ace, "Ace In The Hole" included the southern soul smash "Equal Opportunity", a duet with Pat Brown and one of his standards "Three People Sleeping In My Bed". From there a steady stream of southern soul hits has followed. He started his own label, EndZone in the late 90s (which also released LPs on Omar Cunningham and Tyrone Davis) and signed to Malaco in 2005. On his own again in 2009, Clayton reached the Billboard R & B singles chart again when "We Both Grown", a duet between Clayton and Dave Hollister, managed a #84 placing.

Clayton continues to be one of the top shelf artists for modern Southern Soul and Soul Blues, releasing new music almost annually.

Album Discography

"Forever" (Timeless 1988)

1 Your Sweetness
2 Rock And Hold Your Baby
3 Special Lady
4 Stone Good Lover
5 Can I Change My Mind
6 Make Me Yours Forever
7 Rocking Chair
8 One Night Stand

*** Rare CD. Tracks: "Your Sweetness", "Rock And Hold Ya", "Special Lady", "Stone Good Lover", "Make Me Yours Forever", "Can I Change My Mind?", "Stone Good Lover" & "One Night Stand".

"Never Too Late" (Polygram 1989)

1 Tell Me
2 Baby Don't You Know
3 I Wanna Be Where You Are
4 I Won't Dis Your Love
5 Did You Ever Love Somebody
6 Overdosed (On Love)
7 Never Too Late
8 Say You Love Me Still
9 Try Me
10 You And Me Girl

** Product of the New Jack Swing era, this disc credited to "Will Clayton" is a rather tepic collection of manufactured Pop/R & B. It features Clayton's only Billboard R & B single charter ("Tell Me" #74). TRACKS: Tell Me 2. Baby Don't You Know 3. I Wanna Be Where You Are 4. I Won't Dis Your Love 5. Did You Ever Love Somebody 6. Overdosed On Love 7. Never Too Late 8. Say You Love Me Still 9. Try Me 10. You And Me Girl

"Open The Door" (About Time 1992)

Open The Door
What A Way To Put It
Show Me
Where Has Love Gone
Love Pains
In The Mood
Dear Lover
Tell Me
A Woman Needs To Be Loved
Best Years Of My Life
Show & Tell
Do To You
Leavin' Me
So Tied Up

*** A collection of Clayton's earliest material, mostly singles released in the mid 80s.

"Feels Like Love" (Ichiban 1992)

1. Walk Away From Love
2. Missing U
3. Make Me Yours
4. Suspended Animation
5. That's the Way I Feel About You
6. Special Lady
7. Dear Lover
8. Your Sweetness

*** Contemporary soul release features a splendid take on David Ruffin's "Walk Away From Love" and the self-penned title track.

"Hi Records Presents Bobby McClure & Willie Clayton" (Hi 1992)

1. Was It Something I Said
2. Love Trap
3. Doing It Rite On Time
4. She's Miss Wonderful
5. I Ain't Gonna Turn You Loose
6. Hard Luck
7. To Get What You Got
8. High Heel Shoes
9. It's Time You Made Up Your Mind
10. I Must Be Losin' You
11. Baby You're Ready
12. Too Much Of Nothin'
13. Gotta Have Money
14. Hello How Have You Been
15. Say Yes To Love
16. Abracadabra
17. When I'm Gone
18. That Wall

**** 1992 Hi Records compilation combining these 10 Clayton tracks with 8 from Bobby McClure

Img234.jpg "Let's Get Together" (Ace 1993)

1. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
2. Don't Make Me Pay
3. Back Street Love Affair
4. Let's Get Together
5. Does Your Mama Know
6. Walk Away
7. Welcome Home
8. Party Down
9. I Love Stealing It
10. How Do You Love 2
11. Let Me Love You
12. Feels Like Love

***1/2 First for Ace Records contains three fantastic songs written by Frank-O Johnson: "Three People Sleeping In My Bed", which has become one of Willie's biggest songs; "I Love Stealin' It", & "Back Street Love Affair". There's also five strong Clayton originals, including the upbeat soul of the title cut and synth-funk "Party Down".

Img237.jpg "Simply Beautiful" (Ace 1994)

1. Lose What You Got
2. Dancing With My Baby
3. Love Stealing Ain't Worth Stealing
4. Crazy for You
5. Ain't No Way
6. Oops There It Is
7. Tell Me
8. So Glad You're Mine
9. Simply Beautiful
10. Once upon a Time
11. Stay
12. Do to You

*** Second solid Ace release contains two more strong Frank-O songs (the Sam Cooke-like "Dancing With My Baby" & "Love Stealing Ain't Worth Stealing"). Equally fine are the Clayton originals, "Lose What You Got" & "Crazy For You". There's also a note-perfect reading of Al Green's "Simply Beautiful".

Img238.jpg "No Getting Over You" (Ichiban 1995)

1. No Getting Over Me
2. Never Knew Love
3. We Did It
4. Meet Me Tonite
5. Soap Opera Love Affair
6. Tell Me
7. Somebody
8. Love 4 Tonite
9. Midnite Dr.
10. That's the Way I Feel About You
11. Weak 4 U
12. Missing You

***1/2 Although Clayton was on Ace Records at this point, Ichiban apparently still had an album in the can and thus took advantage of Willie's growing popularity on the "chitlin circuit" by releasing this pop/soul concoction. A mix of Clayton originals and covers. The terrific blues "Midnight Doctor" is a real highlight here as is his immaculate remake of his hit "Tell Me" and the modern soul honey of the title cut.

Img239.jpg "At His Best" (Ichiban 1995)

1. Open the Door to Your Heart
2. Love Pains
3. What a Way to Put It
4. One Nite Stand
5. So Tied Up
6. Best Years of My Life
7. Leaving Me
8. I've Been Loving You Too Long
9. Shining Star
10. I'll Take Care of You
11. In the Mood
12. Show Me

*** Despite the title this is not a "Best Of" compilation but a collection of singles Clayton released in the 80s. Many of the tracks were culled from the UK LP entitled "Open The Door" from 1992. You often forget the originals when Clayton remakes a song, and he does many here, excelling on timeless deep soul classics like "I've Been Loving You Too Long," "Open the Door to Your Heart," "Shining Star," "In the Mood," and "Leaving Me."

Otis Clay Willie Clayton "Chicago Soul Greats" (Hi Records 1995)

1. Its's Time You Made Up Your Mind - Willie Clayton
2. I Must Be Losing You - Willie Clayton
3. Baby You're Ready - Willie Clayton
4. Too Much Of Nothing - Willie Clayton
5. Gotta Have Money - Willie Clayton
6. Hello, How Have You Been - Willie Clayton
7. Say Yes To Love - Willie Clayton
8. Abracadabra - Willie Clayton
9. When I'm Gone - Willie Clayton
10. That Wall - Willie Clayton
11. If I Could Reach Out - Otis Clay
12. Let Me Be The One - Otis Clay
13. I Didn't Know The Meaning Of Pain - Otis Clay
14. The Woman Don't Live Here No More - Otis Clay
15. You Can't Escape The Hands Of Love - Otis Clay
16. You Did Something To Me - Otis Clay
17. It Was Jealousy - Otis Clay

*** Compilation split between Clayton and the great Otis Clay. Clayton's 10 tracks were recorded between 1972-1975 and represents the earliest material available. Although backed by the Hi rhythm section and produced by Willie Mitchell, Clayton really hadn't found his voice yet. There's seven great tracks from Otis that can easily be found elsewhere. A better deal is the 1992 Hi Records compilation combining many of these 10 Clayton tracks with 8 from Bobby McClure: "Hi Records Presents Bobby McClure & Willie Clayton".

Img240.jpg "Ace In The Hole" (Ace 1996)

1. Equal Opportunity
2. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
3. Hurt by Love
4. In Need of a Good Woman
5. My Baby's Cheating on Me
6. Rockin' Chair
7. Careless
8. Bartender Blues
9. I Love Stealing It
10. Happy
11. Running in Life
12. Stone Good Lover
13. Equal Opportunity (Solo)

***** Here we have the pinnacle of Clayton's rich discography. The sheer quality of material is staggering. We have two gems by Bob Jones (the huge hit "Equal Opportunity" with Pat Brown and slick "Bartender Blues"), two winners by Ronnie Lovejoy (the hard blues "My Baby's Cheating On Me" & soulful "In Need Of A Good Woman"). Clayton does a great version of Robert "Duke" Tillman's hit "Hurt By Love" and Gwen McCrae's classic "Rockin' Chair". Clayton also adds a decent pop/R & B ditty called "Happy". As if that wasn't enough there's also a superior version of "Three People Sleeping In My Bed", this time a duet with Lynn White. This should be your first purchase.

"Chapter One" (Gamma 1997)

1. Bust My Bubble
2. Rock and Hold Ya
3. So Very Hard to Go
4. Last Rendevous
5. Once upon a Time
6. Sweet Thang
7. Our Love
8. She's Your Woman
9. The Blues
10. Arms of Another Man
11. Prove It - Willie Clayton,
12. Living With Me
13. Bust My Bubble [*]

*** Mostly originals on this soul blues album. Clayton either wrote or co-wrote with Paul Richmond 10 of the 13 songs. Highlights include the slow R & B lean of "Bust My Bubble", Al Green-like "Sweet Thing" and the upbeat soul called "The Blues".

Img242.jpg "Something To Talk About (Avanti 1998)

1. Mine All Mine
2. Heart of the City
3. Let Me Be (Your Spare Time)
4. Love Is Something Beautiful
5. Are You Married?
6. One Last Kiss
7. Hot Stuff
8. Ain't Nothing I Can Do
9. Something to Talk About
10. Help You Pay Him Back
11. God Has a Plan
12. I Love You (But I Can't Feel a Thing)
13. I'm Going to Your Wife
14. Unconditional Love

*** Another collection of mostly originals and a few covers. Yes the title cut is the same song Bonnie Raitt made famous. Clayton's version leans more toward R & B. The highlight is the gorgeous "Love Is Something Beautiful". The opener "Mine All Mine" ain't far behind.

Img232.jpg "Midnight Doctor: Willie Clayton's Greatest Hits" (Blueside 1998)

1. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
2. Walk Away from Love
3. In Need of a Good Woman
4. Dancing With My Baby
5. Equal Opportunity
6. Young Blues Man
7. Meet Me Tonight
8. My Baby's Cheating on Me
9. Let's Get Together
10. Looking for a Good Woman
11. Lose What You Got
12. Love Stealing Ain't Worth Stealing
13. I Love Stealing It
14. Once upon a Time
15. Don't Make Me Pay for His Mistakes
16. Main Squeeze
17. Midnight Doctor

****1/2 A compilation drawn from Clayton's three Ace albums plus a couple unreleased cuts ("Young Blues Man", "Main Squeeze"). Many of Clayton's best are here from "Let's Get Together" to "Equal Opportunity".

"God Has A Plan" (Avanti 1999)

1. God Has a Plan
2. Put God First (In Your Life)
3. Jesus Is Love
4. Holy Ghost Party
5. You Did
6. Satisfied
7. Free My Soul
8. That's Heaven to Me
9. Jesus I Love You
10. Stairway to Heaven
11. Been Good to Me

NR Willie's only full Gospel project to date.

"It's About Love" (Sumthing Else 1999)

1. Everytime You Go Away
2. Caught Up
3. This Broken Heart
4. I Gotta Good Woman
5. You May Need This Road
6. Stop Running from Love
7. Cheatin' on Me
8. Let's Stay Together
9. Talk to Me
10. I Got Beat Out
11. That Woman Ain't Havin' It
12. You Don't Know It
13. Jesus Will Make a Way

*** One-off album between labels once again contains mostly Clayton originals. A good remake of "Let's Get Together" is the highlight. Clayton does an admirable version of Hall & Oates' "Every Time You Go Away", but nixes the hooky piano fill.

"Best Years Of Our Life" (Vivid 1999)

1. Let Me Love You
2. Woman Needs To Be Loved
3. I'Ve Been Loving You Too Long
4. Show And Tell
5. Running In And Out
6. Happy
7. We'Re Gettin' Careless With Our Love
8. Best Years Of My Life
9. Open The Door
10. How Do You Love Two
11. Show Me
12. In The Mood
13. Leavin' Me
14. I'Ll Take Care Of You

NR Japanese compilation of Clayton's early sides

"The Lost Tracks" (Avanti 2000)

1. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed)
2. Cupcake
3. Take Me to Heaven
4. Feels Like Love
5. Let's Get Together
6. Show Me
7. Close the "P" Store
8. Dear Lover
9. Equal Opportunity
10. Suspended Animation
11. Walk Away from Love
12. Do to You
13. I Miss You Babe
14. Show and Tell

Info needed.

NR Confusing mishmash of previously released tracks Clayton released during his tenure with Ace/Avanti Records? As of writing I am uncertain if any of these were previously unreleased or alternate versions of released tracks.

"Call Me Mr. C" (Claytown 2000)

1. Scandalous
2. Party Like We Use to Do
3. Simply Beautiful
4. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
5. Heart Have a Change of Mind
6. He Don't Love You Like I Do
7. Good Enough to Keep Me
8. Same Thang Make You Laugh
9. Talk to Me
10. Woman Need to Be Loved, A
11. Without You in My Life
12. My Heart Can't Let You Go

*** Clayton straddles the line between southern soul and mainstream R & B. The hits were "Party Like We Used To" & "He Don't Love You Like I Do".

"The Little Giant Of Soul" (Claytown 2001)

1. Wiggle
2. Love For Sale
3. I'm Coming Home
4. Shake It
5. Blues, The
6. Stuck on You
7. I'm Ready
8. Is the Love
9. Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It
10. Cheating Game
11. Tongue Bath

*** A Little funkier and more mainstream featuring the dance floor favorite "Wiggle", another version of "The Blues" and the Frank-O Johnson classic "Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It".

"Essential Love Songs" (Bellmark 2002)

1. Love Pains
2. What a Way to Put It
3. So Tied Up
4. Best Years of My Life
5. In the Mood
6. Show Me
7. No Getting Over Me
8. Meet Me Tonite
9. Soap Opera Love Affair
10. That's the Way I Feel About You
11. Missing U
12. Special Lady

*** Good collection of romantically-themed Ichiban material.

Img224.jpg "The Last Man Standing" (EndZone 2002)

1. Lookin' to Hook
2. I Found Love (When I Found You)
3. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much
4. Ohh Baby, Baby
5. Old Fashioned Girl
6. Drowning in the Sea of Love
7. How to Treat Your Lady
8. Living With Me
9. Let the Good Times Roll
10. I Love Me Some You
11. Good Woman
12. Jesus Will Make a Way

**** Typically-robust collection of modern soul, R & B, blues & a touch of dance floor funk. The formula is here: Funky dancers ("Looking To Hook"), upbeat soul head bobbers ("Ooh Baby Baby", "I Found Love (When I Found You)"), smooth slow soul ("I Love Me Some You", Bobby Womack's "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much"), even some gospel ("Jesus Will Make A Way"). The production is tight and Willie's aching tenor wails all in this joint.

Img253.jpg "Classic Soul Vol. 1" (EndZone Ent. 2003)

1. I Love Stealing It
2. I Love Me Some You - (Remix)
3. Won't You Be My Lollipop
4. Loving Each Other 4 Life
5. Party Like We Use to Do
6. Wiggle
7. Simply Beautiful
8. Tell Me
9. Three People
10. Let's Get Together
11. Good Enough to Keep Me
12. Blues, The
13. Love Is Something Beautiful
14. Sparetime
15. No Getting Over Me

****1/2 Superb (albeit incomplete...where's "Equal Opportunity"?) 15-track collection features a hit remix of "I Love Me Some You" plus two more new songs ("Won't You Be My Lollipop" & "Loving Each Other 4 Life"). Most of Clayton's very best are here amongst the remaining 12 selections from "Three People" to "Tell Me" to "Let's Get Together" to his dead-on version of Al Green's "Simply Beautiful". Clayton's smoke and whiskey-tinged tenor is a throwback to the days when R&B meant real deep soul.

Willie Clayton  "Changing Tha Game" (EndZone 2004) "Changing Tha Game" (EndZone 2004)

1. Fact, No Rumor
2. Love Mechanic
3. Whipped
4. Come on Over
5. I Want You
6. I Wanna Get It On
7. Take 'Um Off
8. Love Zone
9. So in Love
10. Keep Steppin'
11. Woman's World
12. What Cha' Do to Me
13. Monkey See, Monkey Do
14. Unconditionally
15. Thang 4 You, A
16. My Mama Song
17. Monkey See Monkey Do

***1/2 On his latest CD he moves closer to mainstream R & B rather than Southern Soul (retro-soul). In fact there's even a little hip-hop in the mix ("Fact, No Rumor" features rapping by his son dubbed "Young Bap" & the Ying Yang Twins join Willie on the remix of "Monkey See, Monkey Do"). But don't let that scare you off if you don't dig rap 'cuz by far all the ingredients WC fans like are here. The first hit is "Love Mechanic", which is classic upbeat Southern soul music. Plenty of steamy, soulful jams are here like "Whipped", Curtis Mayfield's "So In Love", the very Marvin Sease-like "I Wanna Get It On", "Take 'um Off", etc.. You also have the requisite dance tracks ("Keep Steppin'", "Monkey See, Monkey Do", "Love Zone"). Other notables are his version of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You", the gorgeous "Unconditionally" and the sentimental "My Mama Song"

"Full Circle" (End Zone Ent Willie Clayton "Full Circle" (End Zone Ent./Malaco)"Full Circle" (End Zone Ent./Malaco 2005)

1. Going Crazy (Malaco version)
2. If You Ever Get Lonely (Call Me)
3. Stay Together
4. All My Love
5. Playing Your Game Baby
6. Can We Talk
7. I'll Make It Good to You
8. Take It 2 da Club
9. It's a Good Feeling
10. Meet Me Tonight
11. Georgia on My Mind
12. Hold Me

**** One of Southern Soul's biggest stars is back serving up another platter of smooth & creamy R & B filled to the edges with slow to midtempo jams sung and produced marvelously. Hey, wait, this isn't a new CD. Yes, "Full Circle" was already released earlier this year and it had a DVD that came along with it! So when Malaco re-released it they dropped the DVD and the remix of "Keep Steppin'" (you have the song on "Changing Tha Game") and added a new track called "Going Crazy". Like many of you I was like, "Sonuva..! They must think I'm going crazy to buy it again for one song!" Well, I'll tell you what... that one song is worth paying 15 bucks for! "Going Crazy" is an instant classic with it's Al Green-kissed vocal and immaculate arrangement (Clayton & Vick Allen). Sweeter than a hot fudge sundae for the ears. The ballad "If You Ever Get Lonely" was already a radio favorite and Lee Field's gorgeous "Meet Me Tonight" shouldn't be far behind. The madfunky "Take It 2 Da Club" is aimed at the feet (would've been nice to have a couple more uptempo cuts on the album). Another highlight is "Georgia On My Mind". Although this Hoagy Carmichael classic has already been sung by greats like Ray Charles and Bobby "Blue" Bland, the sprightly altered arrangement and Clayton's phrasing keep it fresh. There's not a dud in the bunch. Look on the bright side: If you bought this CD the first time you got a limited edition DVD containing some riveting live performances so it's all good. But now the CD is even better.

"Gifted" (Malaco 2006)

1. Boom Boom Boom
2. Beautiful
3. Can I Change My Mind
4. When I Think About Cheating
5. Little Bit More, A
6. My Lover My Friend
7. Running out of Lies
8. She Holding Back
9. Missing You
10. Sweet Lady
11. Dreams
12. My Miss America
13. Trust - (featuring Shirley Brown)

***** Malaco Records dubs itself "The Last Soul Company" and with a roster that's included ZZ Hill, Dorothy Moore, Tyrone Davis, Little Milton, Johnnie Taylor and Denise LaSalle you can understand why. With the recent signing of Willie Clayton and Marvin Sease they're showing no signs of straying from that fertile Soul/Blues sound.

If this release on Clayton is any indication Willie has found the right home for he reaches his full potential on "Gifted". The right songs. The right sound. The right performances. 13 tracks of modern Soul gold. The masterful Al Green-kissed "Going Crazy" from his last record ("Full Circle") was a portent of great things to come and "Gifted" is the fulfillment. Although he hasn't completely abandoned mainstream R & B (as evidenced by the sumptuous lead single "Boom Boom Boom") Clayton seems less concerned with connecting with the same audience that listens to a Pop artist like R. Kelly. Though quite listenable the Hip Hop pandering found in some of his his recent work is gone from this project. At it's heart "Gifted" is classic Southern Soul circa 1968 (ala Clarence Carter/Atlantic Records) albeit modernized (programming) for the present.

Clayton is "gifted" with one of the most elastic, yearning tenors in the business today and he's at the peak of his powers on horn-backed ballads like "Beautiful", "When I Think About Cheating" and his duet with Shirley Brown on "Trust". As a footnote, the lilting, melodic Pop ballad "My Lover My Friend" could probably even snatch up some of the that Disney money.  Horns are an integral part of Soul music and Harrison Callaway and the Muscle Shoals Horns add layers of frosting to an already sweet éclair. The production is crisp, full and clean on each and every track either produced by the Clayton/Vick Allen team, Mike Snoddy or Paul Richmond. There's too many highlights to mention but upbeat shuffle-bumpers like "My Miss America", "Sweet Lady" and "She Holding Back" are surefire radio staples. Even the lone two covers are exemplary. Tyrone Davis' "Can I Change My Mind" has been covered often but the version here is the first one that makes the song sound fresh. Same goes for Johnnie Taylor's "Running Out Of Lies". A lot of talent went into this project so "Gifted" may be the album to beat come this year's Blues Critic Awards For Southern Soul,R&B. 

"My Tyme" (Malaco 2008)

1. Gotta Love
2. Woman Knows, A
3. Happy Time
4. Foreplay
5. Give You My World
6. Angel
7. Back 2 the Good Ole Days
8. Down Home Blues
9. Spend One Night
10. Young Blues Man
11. Three People

**1/2 The hits keep coming for Malaco's Willie Clayton. "My Tyme" boasts one of Clayton's best Soul/Blues numbers in some time. "A Woman Knows" sounds like pre-mainstream R & B-leaning Willie- the Bluesier Willie from back when he was with Ace Records. 1996's "Ace In The Hole" remains his masterpiece. While his most recent albums seemed more aimed at Urban Adult Contemporary markets rather than "Southern Soul Blues", "My Time" is in a sense a "return to the Blues". A great promise indeed but a mixed bag nevertheless. Clayton updates two tracks from "Ace In The Hole" ("Happy Time" & "Three People") but neither exhibits the immediacy of the predecessors. The mildly funky "Young Blues Man" comes from the same era (the original can be found on the import compilation "Midnight Doctor: Greatest Hits"). Then a cover of Z.Z. Hill's "Down Home Blues" is as pedestrian as I've ever heard Clayton on record.

Even some of the new material feels tossed together. The Al Green-inspired "Gotta Love" is an inferior retread of his own "Going Crazy", which ruled airwaves two years ago. "Angel" and "Give You My World" are sumptuous ballads, however, and "Back 2 The Good Ole Days" is an instant classic- one of those left up your cup and wiggle Southern Soul bumpers. Gotta be the next single.

"My Tyme" will sell a ton and keep him all over radio and the charts but it smells of contractual filler. Being that his last few albums have been so superb it's easy to forgive this mediocre effort.

"Soul & Blues" (Malaco 2008)

1. I Feel a Cheatin' Coming On
2. Strong Love
3. Body Talk
4. Triple Diamond Slot Machine
5. All Day Blues
6. Sweet Thing
7. Another Man's Gain
8. It Hurts So Much
9. I Can't Stand the Rain
10. Do What I Gotta Do
11. Your Body - (Remix)

*** Second new Clayton CD of the year offers up more of his bluesy-tined Soul, true to the unimaginative title. On the Geirge Jackson-penned "I Feel A Cheatin' Coming On" he sings "Aretha's lost all respect for me and Millie J want no drama at all. Latty won't help me straighten it out and Bobby Womack won't return my call". Willie can't blame them cause he's weak and when he sees a "sexy little thing I feel a cheating coming on". Yeah, nothing new here. But Willie's fans won't mind one bit. That classic voice gets some good production from Vick Allen, Mike Snoddy, Donell "Showcase" Taylor and hisself.

"Love, Romance & Respect" (C & C 2009)

1. Dance The Nite Away
2. I Need To Know
3. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister
4. Good Woman, Good Man
5. Love To You
6. My Everything
7. Put It On Me
8. Special To Me
9. Some Kind Of Wonderful
10. Where Were You
11. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister (Remix)
12. The Best Years Of My Life
13. Dance The Nite Away (Remix)
14. Shake Your Money Maker (Bonus Track)

"The Voice" (C & C 2010)

1. The Voice (Intro)
2. Wonderful
3. She's The One (Bust My Bubble)
4. Beautiful
5. Tonight
6. My Everything
7. As We Lay
8. Rock And Hold You
9. Aint Nothing I Can Do
10. I Love
11. Diamonds
12. Change Gonna Come

"If Your Loving Wasn't Good Enough To Keep Me...How In The World Do You Think It Can Bring Me Back" (S.D.E.G 2011)

1. If Your Loving Wasn't Good Enough To Keep Me? How In The World Do You Think It Can Bring Me Back
2. Cheating In The Day Light (Duet W/ Swamp Dogg)
3. One Night Stand
4. Open Up The Door To Your Heart
5. How Do You Love Two
6. A Woman Needs To Be Loved
7. Show Me
8. Feels Like Love To Me
9. Shining Star
10. Does Your Mama Know
11. Stay
12. Where Has Love Gone

** This release features only one new Clayton track (the duet "Cheating In The Day light") produced by Swamp Dogg as well as the same material released many times on albums including "Open The Door". "At His Best", "Essential Love Songs", "Chapter One". The title cut was released as "Good Enough To Keep Me" from the latter album. Too bad there wasn't a full Swamp Dogg-produced Clayton album.

"Sings The Number Ones" (Music Access 2011)

1. Walk Away From Love
2. That's The Way I Feel
3. So Glad You're Mine
4. Turn Off The Lights
5. Everywhere Time You Go Away
6. In The Mood
7. So Very Hard To Go
8. Tell Me
9. Leaving Me
10. Rockin' Chair

NR Previously-released tracks from Ace and Ichiban albums.

"The Tribute: One Man, One Voice" (EMG 2011)

1. Still Called The Blues
2. Ain't No Party
3. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
4. I Believe In You
5. Mine All Mine Feat. Tyrone Davis
6. Be With Me
7. Equal Oppurtunity
8. Turning Point
9. Move To Soon
10. A Woman Was Made To Be Loved
11. Without You In My Life
12. Careless
13. Candy Licker

"I Am Rhythm & Blues" (EndZone 2012)

1. I Am Rhythm & Blues
2. Smile
3. Mend Your Broken Heart
4. Your Love Is Wonderful
5. She's Your Woman
6. Last One to Know
7. Loose What You Got
8. Last Rendezvous
9. Loving Each Other for Life
10. Twist & Turn

"The Tribute Volume 2: One Man, One Voice" (EMG 2013)

1. Ain't No Love
2. Back Side of 50
3. I'll Take Care of You
4. The Choking Kind
5. Drowning in the Sea of Love
6. Woman, Lover, Friend
7. Playing Your Game
8. Simply Beautiful
9. Let the Good Times Roll
10. Wish He Didn't Trust Me so Much
11. Georgia on My Mind
12. Don't Make Me Pay
13. Ain't No Way
14. Stop by (feat. Tyrone Davis)

  "Untamable" (EMG 2014)

1 Untamable (Intro)
2 All My Loving
3 Missing You
4 Girl I Want Your Body
5 Sweet, Sweet
6 Easy to Love
7 I'm so Blue
8 You Rock My World
9 You Got My Heart
10 Heaven Only Knows
11 Nothing But The Blues
12 Leave My Woman Alone
13 Girl I Love You
14 Let Me Be With You
15 Untamable (outro)

"Heart & Soul" (EndZone 2015)

1 Home Tonight
2 Come On And Rock Me
3 Old School Jam
4 Slow Good
5 Let's Dance
6 Amazing Lady
7 Your Love Is Wonderful
8 Please Don't Leave Me
9 Ain't No Party
10 Mend Your Broken Heart
11 Leave My Women Alone
12 Boom Boom Boom (Remix)
13 Come On Rock Me (Bounce Remix)

"Crossroad Of The Blues" (EndZone 2017)

1. Keep On Loving Me
2. Giving Me The Blues
3. We Had A Good Thang
4. Da Juke Joint
5. Crossroad Of The Blues
6. Let Me Be
7. Sneaking & Creeping
8. Backside Of Fifty
9. Bartender Blues
10.Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right
11.Delta Water Blues
12.Purple Rain-Tribute

"Excellence" (EndZone 2019)

1 We Belong Together
2 Love Doctor
3 Sidepiece On The Side
4 Can We Slip Away
5 I'd Rather Go Blind
6 Love Games
7 If You Want Me
8 Makeup Love
9 If It Ain't One thing
10 Where You Get That Body
11 Drop Pop And Roll
12 Broken Heart
13Ain't No Way
14 Rocking Chair

"Born To Sing" (EndZone 2020)

1. Slow The Music Down
2. Changes
3. Sho' Wasn't Me
4. You Are The One
5. Slow Motion
6. When I Go Down
7. If You Let Me Comeback Home
8. Breaking Down Inside
9. Drunk On Your Love
10. Hole In the Wall
11. It's Ladies Night
12. Everlasting Love
13. So Sexy So Fine
14. Can You Back It Up On Me



"Ultimate" (Mardi Gras 2021)

1 Three People (Sleeping in My Bed) 3:46 NEW VERSION
2 Equal Opportunity 4:06 NEW VERSION
3 I Love Me Some You 5:13
4 Love Don't Hurt Me  4:34 NEW
5 Mr Postman 3:59 NEW
6 Sidepiece on the Side 3:51
7 Drop Pop and Roll 4:32
8 Rocking Chair 4:06
9 Sho Wasn't Me 5:21
10 Drunk on Your Love 4:12
11 We Belong Together 4:29
12 Love Doctor 3:40
13 Can We Slip Away 4:38
14 Hole in the Wall 4:04
15 I'd Rather Go Blind 3:47
16 Love Games 4:08

"Soul Caesar" (EndZone 2021)

1 Do What You Came to Do
2 I Can't Keep Loving You
3 Two Step
4 Don't Wanna Be Alone
5 I'm Looking for a Woman
6 Get It In
7 It Don't Hurt Now
8 Same Girl
9 I'm Looking for a Woman (Remix)
10 How You Feel
11 Work That Body
12 Coming Back to You

"Caesar Soul & Blues" (EndZone 2022)

"Christmas And More!" (EndZone 2022)


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