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Xavius Parker aka X Parker aka X-Man started his career with Johnnie Vincent's Ace Records (USA), which issued his first album, "Mr. 69". The moderate hits were "69 Shuffle" and "Been Such A Long Time". For the label he also has producer credits on Willie Clayton's "Ace In The Hole" album (1996) and Bobby Jonz' "In The Mood For Love" (1997).

Parker altered his stage moniker to "X Man" and signed with Mardi Gras Records in 2002. The label released "Love Potion" and "Next Level" for the label. Not much if anything was heard from X Man, also dubbing himself as "Mr. Crown Royal", for many years until he issued the 2016 single "Boo Thang", followed by "Something 'Bout That Lady" in 2018.

Album Discography

X. Parker "Mr. 69" (Ace 1997)

1. 69 Shuffle
2. Been Such A Long Time
3. Bag Packing Time
4. Take Me To Heaven
5. So Lonely I Could Cry
6. 100 Ways... (69)
7. I Forgot To Remember
8. Hello Sunshine
9. Still In Love
10. Go On With Your Life
11. Lady, Lady
12. I'm A Fool To Take You Back
13. A Mind To Say Goodbye

"Love Potion" (Mardi Gras 2002)

1 Shake It
2 Juke Joint Woman
3 Love Potion
4 Too Cheap To Cheat
5 Kiss It
6 Just Can't Stop
7 Same Man
8 Another Lover
9 I Can Tell
10 Raising The Cost To Be The Boss
11 Crown

"Next Level" (Mardi Gras 2003)

1 Lick It Man
2 Gotta Good Woman
3 Two Birds
4 Know What?
5 Fire My Wife
6 Leave Him Alone
7 L-O-V-E
8 Common Ground
9 I'm Searching
10 Stepper's Shuffle
11 Crown Royal (Reggae Soul Mix)

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