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Roy-C "Something Nice"

First Time On CD!


1.My Girl
2.Your Song
3.I Can't Stop Loving You
5.Don't Stop Short Of Satisfaction
6.Second Time Around
7.If I Could Love You Forever
8.Virgin Girl
9.Loneliness Has Got A Hold On Me
10.Love Me Till Tomorrow Comes
Bonus Track:
11.Every Woman Has A Right

Playback 13.99

Roy-C "More Sex And Soul"


1. From the Outside Looking in (He Used to Be My Friend)
2. Show Me Love, I'll Show You Pain
3. You've Got Everything I Need
4. Great, Great Grandson of a Slave
5. Sure Nuf in Love With You
6. After Loving You
7. You're So Good to Me
8. I Want to Love You, Kiss and Hug You
9. Forever, Forever
10. Don't Let My Love Get Away

Playback 13.99

Roy-C "Sex And Soul"


1. Got to Get Enough (Of Your Sweet Love Stuff)
2. I'm Falling in Love Again
3. Those Days Are Gone
4. I Wasn't There (But I Can Feel the Pain)
5. I'm Bustin' My Rocks (Working on the Chain Gang)
6. I'm Gonna Love Somebody Else's Woman
7. Don't Blame the Man
8. I Found a Man in My Bed
9. Open Letter to the President
10. I'll Never Leave You Lonely

Playback 13.99

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Tazz Calhoun "It's All Good"

Stroke it Easy
Broke Down Man
Plastic Love
You made Your Bed Hard
The Way You Do Me
Give Me The Nasty
Lonely Night
It's All Good
Stroke It Easy (Remix)
Broke Down Man (Remix)
Mardi Gras



Barbara Carr "Savvy Woman: Deluxe Edition"

Newly Remastered sound with 5 Bonus Tracks (3 previously unreleased)!

1 It’s Only You
2 Number 2
3 Savvy Woman
4 After She’s Gone
5 Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse
6 Don’t Let Our Love Slip Away
7 How Long
8 The Heart You Break
9 No Getting Over Me
10 Tonight My Love Belongs To You
11 Shaggin’ Down In Carolina
12 Blue Collar Man
13 A Woman Can Feel
14 Relight The Fire
15 Cuttin’ Up Sideways


Best Of Barbara Carr.jpg

Barbara Carr "The Best Of"

1. Bone Me Like You Own Me
2. If You Can't Cut the Mustard
3. Hoochie Dance
4. Right Kind of Love
5. Bo Hawg Grind
6. I've Been Partying at the Hole in the Wall
7. Let a Real Woman Try
8. Best Woman Won, The
9. Juke Joint Jumpin'
10. Good Looks Can Get Him But It Takes Good Lovin' to Keep Him Home
11. Make Me Feel Like You Feel It Too
12. As Long as You Were Cheating
13. If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You Out of My Head, I'll Keep ...
14. Footprints on the Ceiling
Ecko 12.99

Barbara Carr "Keep The Fire Burning"


1. Hanging By a Thread
2. Come On Home
3. We Have the Key
4. I Got the Blues
5. Keep the Fire Burning
6. Moment of Weakness
7. Back Together Again
8. Hold On to What You Got (feat. Johnny Rawls)
9. You Give Me the Blues
10. What You Gonna Do
11. Sweet Talking Snake

Catfood 11.99

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Clarence Carter "Best Of Dr's Greatest Prescriptions"


1. Strokin'
2. Trying to Sleep Tonight
3. Messin' With My Mind
4. I Was in the Neighborhood
5. Dr. C.C.
6. Love Me With a Feeling
7. I'm Not Just Good, I'm the Best
8. Slip Away
9. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
10. Kiss You All Over
11. I've Got a Thing for You
12. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Ichiban 12.99
"Snatching It Back: The Best Of" (Rhino 1992)

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Certified Slim "Move Somethin'"

1. Move Somethin’
2. Lease to Own It
3. Weekend Lover
4. A Glass Of Wine
5. Feel Your Body
6. If It’s Love You Want
7. Baby I Will
8. So Independent
9. Step It Out
10. She’s Her Own Boss
Henry Stone



The Chairmen Of The Board "Words Left Unsaid" 

1 Each Morning I Wake Up
2 Get Your Lovin' DJ Mix
3 Words Left Unsaid
4 I'm Ready, Willing, And Able
5 No One Else
6 All I Need Is You Tonight
7 Get Your Lovin'



Charimen Of The Board "All In The Family"


1. All in the Family
2. You're the One
3. Three Women
4. I'll Be There for You
5. It Ain't Easy Being Me
6. Shoulda' Woulda' Coulda'
7. Handsome Man
8. The Bottom Line
9. Please Don't Walk Away
10. Patches
11. Gone Fishin'
12. Bless Your Heart
13. It Ain't What You Do
14. Don't Burn Bridges
15. Jerry's in Love
16. Somebody's Been Sleepin' (In My Bed)
17. Three Women [Extended Mix]

Surfside 13.99



Charimen Of The Board "Soul Tapestry"


1. Chances Are
2. Keep On Foolin' Me
3. I Go Crazy
4. That's My Story (And I'm Stickin' To It)
5. Can't Get Over You
6. Beatin' The Bushes
7. What A Woman Wants
8. Bittersweet
9. You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk
10. Three Women
11. For Old Times' Sake
12. What's Up
13. All In The Family
14. Please Give Some Love Today
15. That's My Story (And I'm stickin' To It) [Extended Mix] [*]

Surfside 14.99


Grady Champion "One Of A Kind"


1. Bump and Grind
2. Heels and Hips
3. House Party
4. Life Support
5. Leave Here Running
6. Move Something
7. One of a Kind
8. Stone in My Path
9. Thin Line
10. What a Woman
11. When I'm Gone
12. GC Boogie

Waldoxy 10.99


Grady Champion "Bootleg Whiskey"


1. Borrow, Steal Beg
2. Bootleg Whiskey
3. Don't Waste My Time
4. Home Alone
5. Ten Dollars
6. South Side
7. Who Dat
8. Here We Go Y'all
9. I Tripped and Fell In Love
10. Mr. Right
11. White Boy With the Blues

Waldoxy 10.99


Billy Ray Charles "Southern Soul...My Way"

1. Nursery Rhymes
2. I'm Stuck On Stupid
3. There's A Rat Loose In My House
4. Let's Do This
5. Southern Girls Got The Booty
6. Warm And Fuzzy
7. Too Pooped To Pop
8. House Party
9. Baby Mama Drama
10. Shake These Blues A Loose
Waldoxy 12.99

Billy Ray Charles "I Can Dish It Out But I Can't Take It"


1. Forgive This Fool
2. I Can Dish It Out, But I Can't Take It
3. Stay Away If She's Married
4. Excuse Me
5. What's the Matter With the Blues
6. For a Sweet Woman
7. I Been Partying All Night
8. Cheater
9. Do You Know Where Your Woman Is
10. Love Me or Set Me Free

Miss Butch 9.88


Billy Ray Charles "Drunk, Busted, Disgusted & Can't Be Trusted"

1. Drunk Busted
2. Johnny Walker Red
3. Viagra
4. I Wanna Get On Top
5. Part Time Lover
6. Wanna Give You My Love
7. Runnin Out Of Tears
8. Wife Woman Hoochie
9. Tailor Made
10. Whip That Lovin On Me
Waldoxy 9.88

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Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls "Soul Brothers"

1. Only You Know and I Know
2. Momma Didn't Raise No Fool
3. Voodoo Queen
4. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
5. Living On Borrowed Time
6. Turn Back the Hands of Time
7. Road Dog
8. Poor Little Rich Girl
9. Hallelujah Lord
10. Waiting for Dreams
Catfood 12.99


Willie Clayton "Excellence"


1 We Belong Together
2 Love Doctor
3 Sidepiece On The Side
4 Can We Slip Away
5 I'd Rather Go Blind
6 Love Games
7 If You Want Me
8 Makeup Love
9 If It Ain't One thing
10 Where You Get That Body
11 Drop Pop And Roll
12 Broken Heart
13Ain't No Way
14 Rocking Chair




Willie Clayton "Heart And Soul"

back in stock!!

1 Home Tonight
2 Come On And Rock Me
3 Old School Jam
4 Slow Good
5 Let's Dance
6 Amazing Lady
7 Your Love Is Wonderful
8 Please Don't Leave Me
9 Ain't No Party
10 Mend Your Broken Heart
11 Leave My Women Alone
12 Boom Boom Boom (Remix)
13 Come On Rock Me (Bounce Remix)




Willie Clayton "Crossroad Of The Blues"

1. Keep On Loving Me
2. Giving Me The Blues
3. We Had A Good Thang
4. Da Juke Joint
5. Crossroad Of The Blues
6. Let Me Be
7. Sneaking & Creeping
8. Backside Of Fifty
9. Bartender Blues
10.Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right
11.Delta Water Blues
12.Purple Rain-Tribute
KES 14.99


Willie Clayton "Gifted"


1. Boom Boom Boom
2. Beautiful
3. Can I Change My Mind
4. When I Think About Cheating
5. Little Bit More, A
6. My Lover My Friend
7. Running out of Lies
8. She Holding Back
9. Missing You
10. Sweet Lady
11. Dreams
12. My Miss America
13. Trust - (featuring Shirley Brown)



Willie Clayton "The Voice"

 1. The Voice (Intro)
2. Wonderful
3. She's The One (Bust My Bubble)
4. Beautiful
5. Tonight
6. My Everything
7. As We Lay
8. Rock And Hold You
9. Aint Nothing I Can Do
10. I Love
11. Diamonds
12. Change Gonna Come
C & C 10.88


Willie Clayton "I Am Rhythm & Blues"

 1. I Am Rhythm & Blues
2. Smile
3. Mend Your Broken Heart
4. Your Love Is Wonderful
5. She's Your Woman
6. Last One to Know
7. Loose What You Got
8. Last Rendezvous
9. Loving Each Other for Life
10. Twist & Turn
EMG 10.88

Willie Clayton "Classic Soul Vol. 1"


1. I Love Stealing It
2. I Love Me Some You - (Remix)
3. Won't You Be My Lollipop
4. Loving Each Other 4 Life
5. Party Like We Use to Do
6. Wiggle
7. Simply Beautiful
8. Tell Me
9. Three People
10. Let's Get Together
11. Good Enough to Keep Me
12. Blues, The
13. Love Is Something Beautiful
14. Sparetime
15. No Getting Over Me

N-Zone 12.99

Willie Clayton "The Tribute: One Man, One Voice"

 1. Still Called The Blues
2. Ain't No Party
3. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
4. I Believe In You
5. Mine All Mine Feat. Tyrone Davis
6. Be With Me
7. Equal Oppurtunity
8. Turning Point
9. Move To Soon
10. A Woman Was Made To Be Loved
11. Without You In My Life
12. Careless
13. Candy Licker
EMG 10.88

Willie Clayton "Love Romance Respect"

1. Dance The Nite Away
2. I Need To Know
3. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister
4. Good Woman, Good Man
5. Love To You
6. My Everything
7. Put It On Me
8. Special To Me
9. Some Kind Of Wonderful
10. Where Were You
11. We Both Grown Feat. Dave Hollister (Remix)
12. The Best Years Of My Life
13. Dance The Nite Away (Remix)
14. Shake Your Money Maker (Bonus Track)
EndZone 10.88

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"Put Me In The Mood" (Ecko 1999)

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Chuck Colbert "You Lied To Me"

1 You Lied To Me
2 I'm Not Ready Yet
3 Johnnie Didn't Know
4 Party With My Friends
5 Not Gonna Let You
6 Wanna Do Some Thangs With You
7 Gotta Go
8 Slip Away
9 I'm Coming Home
10 Were You Serious?
Mardi Gras



Bobby Conerly "Soul Singer: The Best Of"

all his best plus brand new song **"Soul Singer (The Tribute)" a tribute song to Mel Waiters, BB King and more**

 1 So Beautiful
2 Take What's Left of Me
3 Now I Know What
4 Baby Can I Come Back
5 Belly Rubbing Blues
6 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
7 Just How Bad I Feel
8 Never Had It so Good
9 7 Come 11
10 We Got to Make a Change
11 Wonderful Love
12 In Love Again
13 Letter from a Soldier
14 Soul Singer (The Tribute)
Aviara Music



Cool Ricky Blues "My Blues My Soul"



1 I'll Kiss Your Feet
2 Dirty 30 Naughty 40
3 Everybody That Says Goodnight
4 You're Stacked Like a Pile of Dirty Clothes
5 A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words
6 Roll It
7 Baby I'm Sorry
8 Girl You Hot
9 Your Babies
10 Work It

Betty Lowe



Cool Ricky Blues "A Fresh Bowl Of Soul"


1 Just Got off of Work
2 Sneaky Girl
3 Hypnotized
4 Country Girl
5 You're Perfect
6 So in Love With You
7 Buckle Up
8 Turkey Leg
9 Rodeo Trail Ride
10 Just Wanna Know
Betty Lowe 12.99


Cool Ricky Blues aka "Ric E. Bluez" "Sexy Soul"


1. Somebody's Cheating
2. I Want To Love You
3. That's Why I Still Love You
4. Runnin' Your Mouth
5. A Real Good Woman
6. Lovin' You Ain't Easy
7. My Thrill Is Gone
8. Shake
9. Angel
10. I Wanna Make Love
11. If I Were You
12. Pink Panties

Betty Lowe




Pat Cooley "Talking To You"

 1. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
2. Talking to You
3. Bring It Baby
4. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
5. Dirt Road Double Wide
6. Pat's Passion
7. No Mess
8. I Want to Make Up
9. Be a Man
10. Dirt Road Double Wide (Remix)


Pat Cooley "At Her Best"

 1. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
2. I Ain't Going Where You Go
3. Hold Still
4. I Don't Need You No More
5. Bring It Baby
6. Talking to You
7. Boy Toy
8. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
9. Dirt Road, Double Wide
10. Be a Man
11. Shake That Belly
12. No Mess
13. Hold Still (Steppers-Shag Version)


Pat Cooley "Couger" 

1. Cougar
2. Haters
3. Get Out
4. Hungry Woman
5. Hold Still
6. Use Me
7. Be A Man
8. Dance It Down
9. I Can't Stop Loving You
10. Everyday With You
L&L 12.99

John Cummings "Back To The Grind"

 1 Arkansas Caramel (4:46)
2 Back On The Grind (6:01)
3 Leave That Fool Alone (6:08)
4 Please Stay (4:54)
5 Let's Go Dancing (4:45)
6 Go Head (4:09)
7 Crazy About You Baby (4:49)
8 Black Beauty (5:24)
9 Mr. Do Right (3:53)
10 My Baby Right Here With Me (4:21)
11 Real Good Woman (4:50)
12 Tribute To Marvin (4:48)
13 Serious Love (4:34)
QT 12.99

Omar Cunningham "Hell At The House"

1. Hell at the house
2. Baby Don't Leave Me
3. Chech to Check
4. Wastin' My Time
5. 231
6. Older Love
7. Interlude
8. Used and Abused
9. Interlude
10. Half
11. Interlude
12. Hell at the House (Down Home Mix)
13. Interlude
14. What Makes a Man
On Top 12.99

Omar Cunningham "Time Served"

1. Intro - (featuring Tasha Simone)
2. Thats My Jam
3. My Life
4. By My Side
5. This Old Music
6. Skit
7. Ain't Nothing Changed
8. Saga Continues, The
9. Right Woman, The
10. Same Soap, The
11. Check to Check 2008 - (remix)
12. If You Want Me
13. Could You Be
14. Beauty Shop, The
15. Where Would I Be
Soul1st 13.99


Omar Cunningham "Growing Pains"

1. Let Me See You Shake Your Jelly
2. Find A Good Woman
3. Here I Am
4. If We Can't Get Along
5. I'm Your Maintenance Man
6. That's a Lie
7. What You Want With My Moma
8. Do Right
9. Mr. Lowdown
10. Gotta Keep (Do You Know Him?)
Soul 1st 14.99

Omar Cunningham "Omar Cunningham" (EndZone Ent.)


Omar Cunningham "s/t"

1. Interlude
2. I Get By
3. Sweet, Sweet
4. She’s Makin’ Eyes
5. Interlude
6. Sorry Man
7. My Baby
8. Interlude
9. Momma
10. Why You Wanna
11. Interlude
12. Shy sters and Wannabes
13. Over and Over
14. Thank You Jesus
EndZone 13.99

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Big Cynthia "Return Of The Female Mack"

 1 Intro
2 I'm Here for You Baby
3 You Worried About the Wrong Thang
4 Shotgun (Remix)
5 Swinging Down at the Juke Joint (Remix)
6 Let's Do It
7 I Got a Good Man
8 Could It Be I'm Falling in Love
9 She Working That Nookie Thang
10 Step with You
11 Do You Want to Have Fun with a Big Girl?
Big Cynthia Ent./

Music Access



Big Cynthia "You Didn't Take My Man You Took My Problem"

Rare CD Back In Stock

Limited Stock!

1 This Song Is For Everybody That's Broke
2 Come On Back
3 You Didn't Take My Man, You Took My Problem
4 I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes
5 Can You Make It Pop
6 Back And Forth Dance
7 If I let You Get It Tonight
8 Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman
9 Sorry Don't Pay The Rent
Brittney 14.99


Big Cynthia "It's My Time"  

 1. You Got to Pay Me (feat. Big Josh)
2. Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman (feat. Tyree Neal) (Remix)
3. She Working That Nookie Thang (feat. Big Josh)
4. Zydeco Round-Up (feat. Big Josh & Big Jerry)
5. Eating Still Ain't Cheating
6. Sho Wasn't Me
7. Big Leg Woman (feat. Tyree Neal)
8. You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Charlene Neal)
9. I Wanna Thank You
10. Big Woman (Extended Version)
Big Cynthia Ent./CDS


Big Cynthia "Don't Hate"

1. Big Cynthia Gonna Break It Up
2. I Came to Party
3. I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All
4. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
5. I'll Be Your Peaches and You Be My Cream
6. I'm a Lonely Woman
7. I'm Gonna Do Me Before I Do You
8. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Use To
9. You Keep Your Nose out of My Business
Hearon 13.99
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