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Big Cynthia

"Big Cynthia" whose birth name is Cynthia Walker was born October 5, 1969 to Junior and Gloria Walker. The name "Junior Walker" was known in every household that was a fan of the Motown era. So as a child, Big Cynthia had the Blues running through her veins.
At the age of 16, Big Cynthia landed a gig with one of Houston's local bands. Back then, the pay wasn't much but, is wasn't the money Cynthia was concerned with. It was the love for pleasing the crowd and that she did very well.

From that point, Cynthia was chosen to become an opening act until 1996 when Cynthia was signed to Avanti Records by CEO Johnny Vincent and in 1997 her first CD was released nationally under the name Cynthia Walker, "Baby I'm The Real Thing" in 1998.

She eventually found her niche and rechristened herself as "Big Cynthia" and recorded the confidence boosting "Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman" for Mel Waiters' own label, Brittney and traveled all over the country with Waiters. "Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman" was written for all the big women all around the world. Cynthia, being a big woman,  knows what it feels like and wrote this song to uplift big women. This song was already a hit, which was released in February 2002 on the LP "Ain't Nothing Like A Real Woman". (A new and improved remix and extended version appears on this new CD "It's My Time" in 2012)

Big Cynthia's next CD was released April 2004 entitled "You Didn't Take My Man, You Took My Problem", which repeated several songs off her previous album. She released two albums for Waiters before her next break courtesy of record producer Tony Mercedes who started his own label distributed by Malaco. "Doing It Big" registered two hits for Cynthia, the ribald "Eating Ain't Cheating" and "If You Want To Get It".

Tony Mercedes' TM Records went on an extended hiatus so Cynthia's next release was executive produced by Donald Hearon, a performer and radio personality hailing from Las Vegas, NV. The CD, "Don't Hate", boasted another chitlin' circuit hit with the clever "I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All" in 2008.

After a four year recording break, Big Cynthia formed on her own label, Big Cynthia Enterprises Records (distributed by CDS Records). She enlisted the talents of up and coming Southern Soul singer Tyree Neal (brother of the late Jackie Neal and famous Blues singer Kenny Neal) as co-producer for "It's My Time". Neal also duets with Cynthia on "Ain't Nothin' Like A Big Woman (Remix)" & "Big Leg Woman". Cynthia released one more album before her death in 2017.

Album Discography

  Cynthia Walker "Baby I'm The Real Thing" ( Avanti 1998)

1. I Should Have Quit You
2. Second to None
3. Is It You I Love
4. We Can't Straighten It Out
5. It's Over Now
6. Sorry Don't Pay the Rent
7. My Cats Meow
8. Ain't Got a Damn Thing
9. All That & More
10. Baby I'm the Real Thing
11. There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
12. I'm Bill's Wife

"Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman" (Brittney 2002)

1 Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman
2 Baby I'm the Real Thing
3 Back and Forth Dance
4 Freaky With You
5 Sorry Don't Pay the Rent
6 If I Let You Get It Tonight (Will You Respect Me in the Morning)
7 He's Catching On
8 Rockin' Chair
9 Back and Forth Dance (Remix)

"You Didn't Take My Man, You Took My Problem" (Brittney 2004)

1 This Song Is For Everybody That's Broke
2 Come On Back
3 You Didn't Take My Man, You Took My Problem
4 I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes
5 Can You Make It Pop
6 Back And Forth Dance
7 If I let You Get It Tonight
8 Ain't Nothing Like A Big Woman
9 Sorry Don't Pay The Rent

"Doing It Big" (Tony Mercedes 2006)

1. Intro feat. Tony Mercedes
2. Can't Miss What You Can't Measure
3. Eating Ain't Cheatin' feat. Mr. David
4. Don't Rock The Boat
5. I'm Sorry
6. Down At The Juke Joint
7. Shoe Size Skit feat. Leighala J
8. If You Want To Get It feat. Mr. David
9. Sho U Right
10. Juke Joint Jumping (remix) feat. Marcello Nine
11. Just Wanna Thank You feat. Mr. David

*** Hot producer Tony Mercedes serves this typically sassy female southern soul singer with strong danceable material like the hitbound "If You Want To Get It", "Don't Rock The Boat" & "Down At The Juke Joint". Clean, tight, booming sound backs these tracks. The production hides the fact Cynthia is a but an average singer that sounds similar to Sheba Potts-Wright. The nadir of the disc is the inane "Eating Ain't Cheating", which perhaps Bill Clinton would have adopted as his favorite track. You need to be more creative lyrically than "so eat your life away". Label mate Mr. David joins Cynthia on this track, as well as "If You Wanna Get It" and "Just Want To Thank You", which is really a song of "shout outs" to folks. She slows things down with the smooth "I'm Sorry" and delivers attitude on the stepper "Sho U Right". Although the CD lists 11 tracks there's only 8 songs (plus 1 "skit", an intro and 1 remix). Despite the stale subject matter (partying at a "juke joint", cheating and sexual boasts) the disc is undeniably catchy and sure to garner airplay.

"Don't Hate" (Hearon 2008)

1. Big Cynthia Gonna Break It Up
2. I Came to Party
3. I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All
4. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
5. I'll Be Your Peaches and You Be My Cream
6. I'm a Lonely Woman
7. I'm Gonna Do Me Before I Do You
8. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Use To
9. You Keep Your Nose out of My Business

*** "Big Cynthia gonna break it up" goes the hook on the opener, a Rap (by Cynthia) remix of her version of "Breaking Up Somebody's Home" (also included). She shows she can deliver her rhymes like any Salt or Peppa. But she really follows more after her "idol" and Godmother (Denise LaSalle), such as on the terrific "I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell It All". Another one of those tongue-in-cheek cheating songs. Pat Brown ignited it all with the classic "Equal Opportunity" and Cynthia's made a habit of it. Fortunately it's clever (unlike the unctuous "Eating Ain't Cheating" from her previous LP).

Further variety crops up on the retro-80s "I'll Be Your Peaches And You Be My Queen", an unabashed rip of "Don't Look Any Further", the 70s electro-Funk "I Came To Party" and the sleek stepper "I'm Gonna Do Me Before I Do You". She's not quite up to it vocally on the last track but she's large and in charge with the sassy bumpers like "You Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business". This is a straight up "party Blues" that'll please the steadies.

"It's My Time" (Big Cynthia Ent. Records/CDS 2012)

1. You Got to Pay Me (feat. Big Josh)
2. Ain't Nothing Like a Big Woman (feat. Tyree Neal) (Remix)
3. She Working That Nookie Thang (feat. Big Josh)
4. Zydeco Round-Up (feat. Big Josh & Big Jerry)
5. Eating Still Ain't Cheating
6. Sho Wasn't Me
7. Big Leg Woman (feat. Tyree Neal)
8. You Drive Me Crazy (feat. Charlene Neal)
9. I Wanna Thank You
10. Big Woman (Extended Version)

*** Big Cynthia Walker is not known to have a remarkable singing voice but she's an expert on using it for the right effect, full of attitude and charm. She originally went by her given name Cynthia Walker for her first album on Avanti ("Baby, I'm The Real Thing") before finding her niche and rechristening herself "Big Cynthia". Her first hit followed, "Ain't Nothing Like A Real Woman", which has been recut/remixed for  "It's My Time". The album also updates her "Eating Ain't Cheating" adding a "Still" in the title but the big hit became "She Working That Nookie Thang". (As of March 2018 the "Nookie Thang" music video has nearly two million views on You Tube).

"Return Of The Female Mack" (Big Cynthia Ent. Records/Music Access 2015)

1 Intro
2 I'm Here for You Baby
3 You Worried About the Wrong Thang
4 Shotgun (Remix)
5 Swinging Down at the Juke Joint (Remix)
6 Let's Do It
7 I Got a Good Man
8 Could It Be I'm Falling in Love
9 She Working That Nookie Thang
10 Step with You
11 Do You Want to Have Fun with a Big Girl?


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