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Bobby Conerly

Singer/Songwriter Bobby Conerly’s  recording debut came in 1970 on the Duke imprint, a 45 called "A Whole Lot Of Soul Is Gone"/" Little Girls Go Home". "Home" was produced by the late Willie Mitchell. Soon after that Bobby cut a single for Ovide together with the Entertainers and a 45 for Evejim in the late 80s. Later, Conerly became a successful staff writer for Malaco Records, penning hits for Marvin Sease, Mel Waiters, Denise LaSalle & others. In the 00s Conerly began releasing full albums on his own label before signing with California-based Aviara Music .

Album Discography

"7 Come 11" (Rob K 2006)

1.7 Come 11
2.Same Thang
3.Sway Back Bessie
6.Hoochie Momma
7.How Strong
8.I Believe It

"Wonderful Love" (Rob K 2008)

1.Something About You
2.Wonderful Love
3.Never Had It This Good
4.Letter From A Soldier
6.I Was Wrong
7.I've Had Enough

"Witness" (Rob K 2008)

1. Witness
2. Mama
3. Joy
4. Step Out On Faith
5. Never Leave You
6. If You Do My Will
7. Work On Me
8. Blessing
9. My Prayer

"The New Old School" (Aviara Music 2010)

1 Now I Know What
2 Don't Do It
3 Baby Can I Come Back
4 So Beautiful
5 Lonely People
6 Let's Go Party
7 Never Had It This Good Before
8 Call On Me
9 Something About You
10 Wonderful Love
11 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
12 A Letter from a Soldier

"Take What's Left Of Me" (Aviara Music 2011)

1 We Got To Make A Change
2 In Love Again
3 Take What's Left Of Me
4 Belly Rubbing Blues
5 Home To You
6 Crossroad Of Life
7 Trap Of Infidelity
8 Just How Bad I Feel
9 I've Had Enough
10 7 Come 11
10 Same Thing That Made You Laugh
11 Now Unto Him

"Blues Singer Preacher Man" (Rob-K Music 2012)

1. By Myself
2. Backslider[Jeremiah 3:14
3. Everybody
4. I"Ll Praise Him
5. Blues Singer
6. Closer
7. Spirit
8. Now Unto Him

"Soul Singer: The Best Of" (Aviara Music 2015)

1 So Beautiful
2 Take What's Left of Me
3 Now I Know What
4 Baby Can I Come Back
5 Belly Rubbing Blues
6 Let Me Spend Some Time with You
7 Just How Bad I Feel
8 Never Had It so Good
9 7 Come 11
10 We Got to Make a Change
11 Wonderful Love
12 In Love Again
13 Letter from a Soldier
14 Soul Singer (The Tribute)


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