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Cool Ricky Blues

Cool Ricky Blues, formerly known as Ric-E-Bluez, was born in 1969 in Summit, Mississippi. His first album entitled "Ric E. Bluez" was released in 1998. Eight years later he returned with "Sexy Soul".

The single "Thatís Why I Still Love You" made some waves amongst Southern Soul followers. He changed his stage name to Cool Ricky Blues when he released his 2012 effort, "My Blues, My Soul".

Album Discography

Ric E. Bluez "Ric E Bluez" (Betty Lowe 1998)

1 Blues Man
2 Don't Go
3 U Ain't Right
4 Bad Feelin'
5 Lemon Drop
6 Dancin' to the Ric E Bluez
7 Workin'
8 I Shoulda Known
9 Missed a Payment
10 A Picture

Ric E Bluez "Sexy Soul" (Betty Lowe 2006)

1. Somebody's Cheating
2. I Want To Love You
3. That's Why I Still Love You
4. Runnin' Your Mouth
5. A Real Good Woman
6. Lovin' You Ain't Easy
7. My Thrill Is Gone
8. Shake
9. Angel
10. I Wanna Make Love
11. If I Were You
12. Pink Panties

***1/2 Bluez has Soul but by looking at the cover (dude's wearin' a cool velvet suit) and title of "Sexy Soul" you'd think he was some bedroom balladeer ala Barry White instead of a badass funky Blues cum Southern Soul cat. Now you better be good if your name is "Bluez" and you're wearin' a velvet suit. A critic would love to smack you down a peg! Fortunately for Mr. Bluez, he has it going on. What we got is the full range of Soul music here. The record could succeed in various markets. On the Southern Soul tip there's the sweet, midpaced "That's Why I Still Love You" & "Angel" (Real saxophone!), the lovely "A Real Good Woman", the booty bumpin' "Shake" & slinky "I Wanna Make Love". For mainstream Blues (or mayne Tripe A) there's hard hittin', rhythmic Blues numbers like "Somebody's Crying", the Memphis mover "Runnin' Your Mouth" & the funky dance jam "Pink Panties". This cautionary tale warns of the ways of a fast girl: "Stayed out all night/She won't even call/Spendin' all his money on drugs and alcohol/...Pink panties/You better leave them alone/Pink panties/Before something goes wrong/Pink panties will get you in trouble/Pink panties was her favorite color". Message reminds me of Bell Biv Devoe's advice: "Don't trust a big butt and a smile!" (or better yet- Solomon's words at Proverbs 7). This is what true Urban (Soul) Blues is all about. It's Rhythm & Blues, heavy bass with real horns and guitar played with Soul. Hopefully the wise use real musicians and big studio sound will appeal to mainstream Blues programmers . Further kudos awarded for the classic Deep Soul "If I Were You" replete with appreggiated guitar chords, a brass backdrop and sweet singin'. You gotta give it to a brutha for going all out and doing it old school and making it sound modern. "Sexy Soul" is one auspicious beginning for Ric E Bluez.

"My Blues My Soul" (Betty Lowe 2012)

1 I'll Kiss Your Feet
2 Dirty 30 Naughty 40
3 Everybody That Says Goodnight
4 You're Stacked Like a Pile of Dirty Clothes
5 A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words
6 Roll It
7 Baby I'm Sorry
8 Girl You Hot
9 Your Babies
10 Work It

"Fresh Bowl Of Soul" (Betty Lowe 2016)

1 Just Got off of Work
2 Sneaky Girl
3 Hypnotized
4 Country Girl
5 You're Perfect
6 So in Love With You
7 Buckle Up
8 Turkey Leg
9 Rodeo Trail Ride
10 Just Wanna Know


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