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John Cummings

Big John Cummings , Big Jay Cummings, Big J. Cummings or just John Cummings is a very talented songwriter, composer and singer, responsible for a host of  Southern Soul hits by Tyrone Davis , Booker Brown, Sheeba Pots-Wright, Carl Sims, Toni Green , Bill Cody, OB Buchana and many others.

In addition he's released several Blues, Southern Soul and even Country cds as a singer. His first CD came out in 2001 titled Gotta Hear Some Blues Tonight on the Cool Breeze label.

Album Discography

"Gotta Hear Some Blues Tonight" (Kool Breeze 2001)

"Somebody's Gotta Do It" (Lee 2004)

1. Home Made Video
2. The Directions
3. Somebody's Gotta Do It
4. Daddy's Little Girl
5. Peace of Mind
6. Pick Up Truck
7. Gander and the Goose
8. Stuck in the Same Old Spot
9. With the Kick-Stand Down
10. Without Love
11. Busy Schedule
12. One Beam Away
13. Here I Go Crying

"Love Line" (Kool Breeze 2008)

"Did Them Cowboys Win?" (Ark-Lachi 2009)

1. Did Them Cowboys Win
2. Willamena
3. Home Made Video
4. Direction to My Affection
5. Daddy's Little Girl
6. Somebody's Got to Do It
7. Pick Up Truck
8. Keep On Doing What You Been Doing
9. Without Love
10. Peace of Mind
11. Take Time From Your Busy Schedule
12. Here I Go Crying
13. The Gander and the Goose

"Good To The Last Drop" (QT 2009)

1. Good To The Last Drop
2. Look & Juk
3. Too Late
4. Mississippi Chocolate
5. Cafe Mood
6. Outside Man
7. Lying Right Here Next To Me
8. If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another
9. Catch Up With My Love
10. Right Woman
11. Battery 'N Da Booty

  "Big Enough" (Labro Ent. 2010)

"Back On The Grind" (QT 2013)

1 Arkansas Caramel (4:46)
2 Back On The Grind (6:01)
3 Leave That Fool Alone (6:08)
4 Please Stay (4:54)
5 Let's Go Dancing (4:45)
6 Go Head (4:09)
7 Crazy About You Baby (4:49)
8 Black Beauty (5:24)
9 Mr. Do Right (3:53)
10 My Baby Right Here With Me (4:21)
11 Real Good Woman (4:50)
12 Tribute To Marvin (4:48)
13 Serious Love (4:34)


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